Final Fantasy 13-2 Blue Time Gates Locations Guide

To open Blue Time Gates in Final Fantasy 13-2 and get access to secret hidden areas, you will need Wild Artefacts. You can find all these artifacts by following our Artefacts Locations Guide. This guide however will focus on Final Fantasy 13-2 Blue Time Gates Locations.

Once you have these artifacts, follow the map directions in this guide to reach these blue-gates and open them using the artifacts you have, and continue your adventures to unravel the hidden mysteries of Final Fantasy 13-2.

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Note. These are map directions; open the map and follow the directions to reach the location.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Blue Time Gates Locations

AF300 Bilge Remains
Lower left tunnel of the map at AF005 in Bilge Ruins.

Tower Agasutia AF200
AF01X Yashasu mountain, near the middle or slightly below the left map.

AF110 Yashasu Mountain
AF300 hill north of the ruins of the bilge.

AF100 Yashasu Mountain
Underlying the south side of New Town New Urban Academy AF400.

Weil Peaks AF200
Arukakiruti plains around the lower right. You may have to defeat Jabot.

Weil Peaks AF010
Near the bottom right of the Academia AF4XX Shintoshin.

AF100 Bilge Remains
Lower left corner of the world map Dying World.

AF400 Suigo Sanresu
Lower right of Mountain Yashasu map AF100. You must clear the maze of time.

Township AF300 Woruba
49th floor of Agasutia Tower AF200.

Township AF400 Woruba
In the village left of Woruba AF300. If you can open several clear distortions of space-time.

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