Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age LP Farming Guide

We have crafted this Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age LP farming guide to help you enhance your License Points farming speed. We have listed some tips and tricks for easy farming for LP complete with location guides and what you will need to do.

This guide includes the Jelly grinding exploit which is another easy way to farm for LP. Earning License points in the game are not easy however with the help of this guide, you will be earning LP very easily and quickly.

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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age LP Farming

Our The Zodiac Age LP Farming Guide details everything you need to know about easy farming and grinding of LP in FF12 The Zodiac Age along with locations and other details that you need for quick easy farming.

Farming License Points
License Points or LP are used to unlock Licenses on the License Board which is actually how you unlock different skills and abilities for your character.

For every enemy that you defeat, you will get 1 LP regardless of the time it takes to defeat them. Even if it took 1 minute or an hour to defeat the enemy, you will get 1 LP. Aside from one or two exceptional enemies, this will remain the same for all enemies.

The easiest way to earn LP faster is by unlocking more skills and then heading to areas with low level then you and do some good old grinding there.

At the start of the game, you are at low levels plus there are not many areas unlocked as well which have quick spawning enemies.

Once you cleared the Lhusa Mine, you will get access to a very good area to farm for LP. This area also gives an opportunity for easy EXP since you will be at a lower level.

After you have cleared the area in the story, you can return here anytime to farm for LP and EXP.

Once you are back in the area, head for the second elevated train track and kill all the skeletons there. Running up and down will cause the skeletons to respawn and they die easily.

This is a very good farming place early game. However, they will stop spawning eventually after around 30 LP or so but you can move to the next area and find some more skeletons to kill. The cave where you look for Penelo also has some skeletons so you can farm there as well.

On your way back, you will find some more skeletons so it is totally worth visiting this place.

Once you are done with the area, you will have around 80 LP or more in a single visit. As an added bonus, all the skeletons are counted as the same mob type which will allows you to get a long chain earning you extra loot and eventually unlocking a trophy.

After you are done, visit a save crystal and you will be ready for another round in the same area.

Once you have sufficiently over-levelled for the monsters, simply speed up the game and you earn 80 LP is a matter of seconds. Buy and equip Golden Amulets to boost the LP gain to 2LP for each kill.

LP Farming Method #2 – Jellies Exploit
If you have reached level 6 and you are in Phon Coast, you can now use the game mechanics to your advantage.

Using the Jellies exploit, you can gain as many levels and as much as LP as you want. For using this method, there are some pre-requisites that you must complete before working on the exploit. It may, however, not work for all of your party members.

  • A Time Battlemage with level 3 Time Magic, Break (available from Mait’s Magics in Bhujerba after dealing with Lhusa Mines), and either Charge or Syphon.
  • Any character you want to level up needs to have Heavy Armor License 7.
  • A Mirror Mail for each party member you’re going to level up (available from the clan vendor in Phon Coast).
  • The Self: MP less than 10% and Foe: furthest gambits (available from any Gambit vendor after dealing with Lhusa Mine).
  • A shield for any character with the Brawler ability – any old rubbish will do.

You can also equip an Embroidered Tippet or Golden Amulet to double the amount of EXP or LP gain speeds.

Once you have accumulated the necessary gear and skills you need to set up your party as following

  • Equip the Mirror Mail on everyone, remove their weapons, and disable their gambits.
  • Give a shield to anyone with Brawler to negate its effect.
  • For your Time Battlemage, add the following Gambits: Foe: furthest – Break (Foe: any will also work, but may slow things down a little.); and Self: MP less than 10% – Charge (you can also use Syphon here.)
  • If either of the remaining party members has the Steal ability, give them a Foe: furthest/any – steal gambit.

Once you are done with the formation of your team, head to Henne Mine, head through the exit to the east, head out to the train tracks with the dinosaurs and enter Junction B from the exit to the east, hit the switch and you’re done.

All you need to do now is check that nobody is taking damage and that Jellies are being petrified, then crank the battle speed up in the options, hit L1 to speed the game up. Enjoy the following massacre.

You can let your PS4 run overnight. Make sure that the PS4 is set to not go in rest mode when left unattended and check that your controller is not set to switch off and is plugged in.

Turn off the vibration of your controller so that it won’t run away.

Jellies do not drop any Gil but there is a way you can still earn Gil by this process. Every 30 or 60 minutes you will have around 99 of Water Nethicite and Yellow Liquid. Sell stacks of both these items and you will have around 60,000 Gil easily.

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