Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Guide

Our Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Guide will help you find the best weapon in FF12: The Zodiac Age, the Zodiac Spear. If you have played the original game you will know how hard it was to find this weapon, however, the developers have changed the methods by which you obtain this weapon for the remaster.

Along with the guide to obtain the Zodiac Spear we have also listed some important points about the Zodiac Spear that will help you finding and equipping this weapon that you must know before you start hunting for it.

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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age- The Zodiac Spear

In Zodiac Age, the Zodiac Spear is more easily accessible than the original title.

When we say it is easier, it does not mean it is really easy, it is easier as compared with the original title but it is still pretty hectic and tedious to get it.

Before you start actually hunting the Zodiac Spear, here are some important pointers that you must keep in mind. Also, the Zodiac Spear is not an early-game item anymore. It is more of a late-game item now.

The Uhlan Job
Yes, only the correct class can equip the Zodiac spear so if you do not have a character with Uhlan as your first or second job choice, there is no point searching for the Zodiac Spear as you cannot equip and use it. It is all handled by the new Zodiac Job system.

Finding the Zodiac Spear

There are more than one methods of obtaining the Zodiac spear and we have listed all of them in this guide:

The Zodiac Spear requires a special License to use. Similar to a specific class, you also need to have a specific license to equip your Uhlan job character with the spear.

You need to have to Strongest Halberd License to use it. You can open any chests now without any need to worry about anything. Opening chests now do not damage your chance to obtain the Zodiac Spear.

Now that you know all the pointers you need to know about the Zodiac Spear, let’s start with how to obtain it. The first thing that you must do is get access to The Hunt Club.

The Hunt Club
One way of getting the Zodiac Spear is from The Hunt Club. The Hunt Club is unlocked after completing Archades.

You need to complete the main hunt and collect all 30 trophies to get access to the Zodiac Spear. This is not possible until you have access to Strahl so you can travel around the world easily.

To get access to the Hunt Club, speak with the Huntmaster at the Phon Coast Hunter’s Camp once you complete Archades. You will be given a task to hunt down a Thalassinon on the Vaddu Strand, located east of the Hunter’s Camp.

To find the beast, just get to the higher ground such as the ledge overlooking the beach on the east side of the Vaddu Strand.

Once you have successfully defeated the beast, head back to the Huntmaster, talk to one of the three brothers and agree to hunt. Talk with the Huntmaster one more time.

At this point, you are given another task to find 30 rare monster all across the world. Defeat the monster and speak with Blok, Stok and Atak. It will unlock various items for you in the Shift-Eyed Merchant’s Store.

Getting the Zodiac Spear
To get the Zodiac spear, first, hunt down all the rare monsters and then trade 30 trophies from your hunt to Atak, Blok and Stok. Give 10 to each of them. This will remove all the trophies from your inventory.

The only problem here is that if you choose to get the Zodiac Spear, you will not unlock a lot of items in the store as there are only 30 trophies in the whole world. So think carefully where you want to invest your trophies.

Make sure you keep your class an Uhlan. Still, with all these pre-requisites, you will need to spend 999,999 on the Zodiac Spear making it one of the most expensive weapons in the game.

There is also an alternate way if you choose the trophies method. Instead of giving 10, 10 trophies to all three of the characters, give at least 16 to Atak and distribute the remaining among the three. You need to make sure that you give at least 16 to Atak.

Once you have completed all hunts and collected 30 trophies, an awards ceremony will take place. You will be given a present and if you have followed the instructions in this guide, this present will be the Zodiac Spear.

Alternate Methods
You can also get the Zodiac Spear in Trial Mode. Reach stage 62 which is a very difficult task. However, if you do manage to get to level 62, you will be rewarded with the Zodiac Spear.

The last one is the easiest way of getting the Zodiac Spear but it has a very rare chance of occurrence. A chest will spawn deep in between the Henne Mines where you face the Tiamat.

This chest has Zodiac Spear in it. These mines are located south of the Ozmone Plain. You will be extremely lucky if you find the chest down there so your best bet is to use the hunting method listed above.

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