Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Bosses Guide

Our Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Bosses Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about defeating all the bosses and major enemies in FFXII: TZA.

FFXII: TZA features a wide array of bosses, each of whom presents a different & unique challenge. In addition to combat tips to help you defeat these formidable foes, we’ve also listed down the bosses’ steals so that you don’t miss out on anything!

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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age Bosses


Steal: Potion, Phoenix Down, & Grimoire Togail

Firemane is weak to water-based damage; therefore, try to utilize the elemental damage. It’s also recommended to buff up your party’s DEF before heading into the battle.


Steal: Screamroot, X-Potion, & Putrid Liquid

Rafflesia targets your party’s MP & can summon Malboros to its aid. To counter it, try to have Remedies, Hi-Potions, & use Silence whenever required. Furthermore, use Quickenings & have one member cast Remedies.

Mimic Queen

Steal: Knot of Rust, Storm Magicite, & Rose Corsage

First, do note that Mimic Queen is weak to ice-based damage; therefore, try to utilize the elemental damage.

Furthermore, try to avoid the Tiny Batteries & focus on Mimic Queen. Beware of Shockstorm attack that can force you into using heals. Keeping this in mind, try to be conservative with your MP.


Steal: Dark Crystal, Forbidden Flesh, & Damascus Steel

You need to cast Dispel after the fight ensues to remove the Haste status. After that, chain Quickenings with a party member with Berserker. It’s also recommended to get Damascus Steel using Thief’s Cuffs.


Steal: N/A

Tyrant is weak to ice-based damage; therefore, try to utilize the elemental damage. The fight doesn’t permit the usage of Technicks; therefore, try to be careful with your MP usage.

Demon Wall

Steal: Gold Needle, Solid Stone, & Quality Stone

Cast Aero! All the party members. That’s all you need to know about defeating Demon Wall.


Steal: Maggoty Flesh, Corpse Fly, & Wyrm Bone

Before you start to fight Hydro, you must prepare. To get started, collect Phoenix Downs, equip Black Mask, & provide a party member with Berserker & Holy Lance.

After the fight ensues, cast Dispel to get rid of Haste. Hydro can focus on one member until he/she dies, allowing you set up baits. Healing spells are also good through the use of Reflect.


Steal: Hi-Potion, Ring Wyrm Scale, & Leo Gem

Tiamat continues to improve DEF as it receives DMG. Therefore, you need patience more than anything else. Don’t let Tiamat use AOE attacks by using ranged weapons & keep your party buffed up with Regen, Protect, & Shell.

Elder Wyrm

Steal: Succulent Fruit, Feystone, & Ring Wyrm Scale

The only thing that you need to watch out for is Sporefall that attacks your party with random status effects. Therefore, make sure to have Remedies for this attack & try to focus on a couple of Treants before attacking the boss. Also, note that you simply create some distance before the Sporefall attack to avoid it.


Steal: Knot of Rust, Thief’s Cuffs, & Damascus Steel

Since the pulling force doesn’t affect Quickenings, it’s highly suggested to try them in order to defeat the boss.


Steal: Sky Jewel, Death Powder, & Maduin Gear

You need to have Shell & remedies in order to counter Ahriman’s Doom. Near the end of the fight, Ahriman will produce its clones. To know which one is the real one, cast Regen at the very start of the battle.


Steal: Potion, Hi-Potion, & Black Belt

The three Imperial Swordsmen accompanying Vossler are immune against Sleep, Reverse, & Lure. It’s also recommended to have Basch in your party to bar Vossler from attacking randomly.

Try to use Quickenings to complete the battle in the shortest possible amount of time. Lastly, do note that Vossler will start to instantly attack at 40% HP.

King Bomb

Steal: Bomb Shell, Fire Crystal, & Bomb Fragment

King Bomb deals Fire-based damage so be prepared to heal party members. You can try summoning Belias to absorb the damage but don’t let it use its final attack as it’ll heal King Bomb.

Alternatively, you can try buying the Six-Fluted Pole from Mosphoran Highwaste that increases Water-based damage. The boss is also weak against Nihopalaoa/Remedy combo. Use Quickenings at the end.

Hell Wyrm

Steal: Dark Stone, Dark Magicite, & Dark Crystal

Before the fight, you need to carry some Potions, Ethers, Charge, & equip Bubble Belt to mitigate some of the damage received.

In order to deal damage, capitalize on Oil using the Nihopalaoa with the Handkerchief & then the Wyrmfire Shot to dish out some insane amount of damage.

At about 50% HP, the boss will try to Petrify & will cast White Breath that might Stop your party members. You should consider a Gambit such as Chronos Tear to deal with Stop.

It will also try Invert that you should negate with Shell. Lastly, try to spread out your party members to avoid healing up everyone at the end.

Omega Mark XII

Steal: Knot of Rust

You need to equip Bubble Belts & use these Gambits in the following order:

Self = Reverse
Any Ally = Arise
Attack nearest Target

Every once in a while, you should cast Hastega after a party member has cast Reverse. Since Omega Mark XII always attacks the nearest target, you can keep one character out of its range to revive fallen party members. Using Balance on low HP increases damage.


Steal: Potion, Hi-Potion, & Round Shield

You need to have Protect after starting the fight. Since its attacks can inflict Silence, having Rose Corsage is generally a good idea.

It’s also recommended to cast Blind & Silence on its henchmen to prevent them from doing some damage.

Alternatively, you can also Disable them. Finally, remember to have Hi-Potions & know that Quickenings can end the battle fairly quickly.


Steal: 30 Gil, Potion, Ether, Hi-Potion, & Hi-Ether


Steal: 30 Gil, Potion, Ether, Hi-Potion, & Hi-Ether


Steal: 30 Gil, Potion, Ether, Hi-Potion, & Hi-Ether

It’s important to note that Gijuk & the rest of Ba’Gamnan’s henchmen will always target Balthier. Gijuk is vulnerable to most status ailments.

It’s recommended to use Nihopalaoa & then Remedy. You need to try to dispel the support status & you should be good.


Steal: Blood Wool, Moondust, & Aries Gem

The first thing that you need to know is that Fury parries; therefore, you can use Mirror Mails, Blizzaga, Thundaga, or Aeroga spells on allies.

Fury continues to use Bacchus’s Wine even after being dispelled. You can use this time to have two party members attack it & another one on casting Dispel. You can also use Reddas to be the third attacker.

Humbaba Mistant

Steal: Beastlord Hide, Beastlord Horn, & Behemoth Steak

Before starting the fight, you should consider buffing up your party with good effects. Consider having Protect on the party! Equipping Nihopalaoa & throwing Remedy should allow you to inflict Sap, Silence, & Slow.

Earth Tyrant

Steal: Hi-Potion, Tyrant Hide, & Tyrant Bone

After the fight starts, cast Blind & dish out some damage with the Magick. Successfully doing it should prevent it from connecting its Sonic Fangs.

After reaching a specific HP threshold, it’ll attain a DEF buff & will start using Screwtail that deals AOE damage. In order to mitigate some of the damage, you can try using the Shielded Armor, Protect, & Shell.

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