FIFA Esports Pro Stands Against FIFA 21 Microtransactions

FIFA 21 will not be releasing worldwide for another week but has already come under scrutiny for pay-to-win microtransactions that have become a norm for the franchise in recent years.

Tim “Tim Latka” Schwartmann, a well-known esports professional and who plays for the German FC Schalke 04 esports organization, has publicly stated that he will be competing in the upcoming FIFA 21 competitive season without spending any FIFA Points on FIFA Ultimate Team.

He pointed out that “your wallet should not define your gaming skills,” which is something a lot of players have been pointing out as well for a long time. However, despite the criticism, FIFA Ultimate Team remains as one of the most popular game modes of the franchise and will likely follow the same predatory business model in FIFA 21.

FIFA Ultimate Team requires you to create the best squads possible in order to compete against other players in online matches. However, the only or quickest way to unlock your favorite or best football stars in the game is by purchasing FIFA Points through which you can then purchase packs to unlock characters at random. The probability for a pack to unlock gold-tier football players is always extremely low. Hence, in the case of FIFA 21 for example, players will likely end up spending thousands of dollars (or equivalent real-world currency) to obtain the best football stars in FIFA Ultimate Team as quickly as possible.

By standing against microtransactions, Tim Latka has basically made it difficult for himself to qualify for the professional FIFA 21 season where other esports organizations or teams will be playing with tough squads all thanks to microtransactions.

“I have some responsibility and I haven’t made a video for a long time in which I open packs with FIFA points,” said Tim Latka. “That’s why I want to stick to this route and play without FIFA Points.”

It remains to be seen if other esports athletes will join in and likewise compete without the advantage of spending FIFA Points in FIFA 21.

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