FIFA 23 To Reportedly Enable Cross-Play Between Consoles & PC

FIFA 23 could be the first installment in the long-running sports franchise to finally support cross-play across the board.

According to a report by Xfire earlier today, FIFA 23 will bridge PlayStation and Xbox consoles with PC to allow players to play together regardless of their platform of choice. Having cross-play support is something players have been wishing for over the years. The next installment might just fulfill that wish.

It should be noted that FIFA 23 has been rumored to be supporting cross-play before as well. Last year, a well-known FIFA insider made the same claim but alongside the game being free to play.

In addition to cross-play, Hypermotion Technology will be receiving some major improvements in FIFA 23. The technology is now able “to capture animations from real footballers in real matches using stadium cameras, eliminating the need for Xsens suits.” The ending result being able to obtain “over 100 times more data in a single league season” than ever in the history of the franchise.

Hypermotion Technology was introduced recently with FIFA 22. Each action such as tackling, sprinting, touching, or diving gets recorded on the pitch in real life using real-world athletes. Their spontaneous behaviors are then used in the game for added realism. Based on the new improvements, FIFA 23 could possibly be the most realistic installment to date.

Electronic Arts previously confirmed that it was considering to rename its FIFA brand. The confirmation birthed speculations that FIFA might be renamed to EA Sports FC based on multiple trademarks.

FIFA 23 appears to be sticking to its current stature. If there is a name-change in the pipelines, FIFA 24 (or EA Sports FC 24 for that matter) might be when the franchise sees new beginnings.

Elsewhere, FIFA 22 remains available on all major platforms, including the Nintendo Switch which was criticized for being more or less the same as FIFA 21, which in turn was also unchanged from FIFA 20.

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