FIFA 23 The Final Four SBC Solution

In FIFA 23, Squad Building Challenges (SBC) are a great way to jump-start your FUT team. There are a total of four SBCs under the Hybrid Nations category you can complete in order to get some decent high-value packs. This guide will walk you through the first Squad Building Challenge, The Final Four SBC of FIFA 23.

The Final Four SBC rewards you with a Mixed Players Pack containing four gold, four silver, and four bronze players, with one player being rare as well. We hope that’s enough motivation to go for completing The Final Four squad building challenge in FIFA 23.

The Final Four SBC requirements

The following are the requirement for completing The Final Four challenge.

  • Countries/Regions: Exactly Four.
  • Players from the same Country/Region: Maximum of 4.
  • Rare Player: Maximum of 4 in your starting 11.
  • Team Overall Rating: Minimum of 70
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum of 15.

These requirements can be fulfilled with ease without going through must trouble, but why go through any trouble, when we have the best team for The Final Four SBC figured out for you.

FIFA 23 The Final Four SBC solution

The team composition can be tough if you don’t have a plan in mind. However, since that won’t be the case, there is nothing to worry about.

Here’s how to go about the team composition. First off, you need three rare German Players. As a matter of the fact, any three will work just fine be it Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Next up, you need any Rare Card that you happen to have in your club. For the rest of the team cards, you’ll have to buy them to put together the best team one can ask for the perfect solution for The Final Four SBC.

Here’s the team we put together

  • Left Mid: Amissah
  • Striker: Benger
  • Center Back: Sejdic
  • Striker: Lajami
  • Goal Keeper: Pickford
  • Center Back: Holgate
  • Center Back: Gradit
  • Center Mid: Tait
  • Center Attacking Mid: Amiri
  • Center Mid: Santamaria
  • Right Mid: Townsend

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