FIFA 23 The Challenger SBC Solution

Squad Building Challenges are a great way to earn a good amount of XP and card packs in the early hours of FIFA 23. The Challenger is the first SBC in the League and Nation Hybrid category of FIFA 23.

If you are struggling to figure out a solution for The Challenger squad building challenge in FIFA 23, we have got you covered with our guide.

These advanced League and Nation Hybrid SBC are worth completing because they give some really cool packs of untradeable rare players. In the case of The Challenger SBC, you will get an untradeable pack of rare Electrum players which is equal to 30,000 coins value.

The Challenger squad building challenge in FIFA 23 asks players to build a team according to the following requirements

The Challenger SBC Requirements

  • You must have exactly 3 leagues
  • You must have exactly 2 nationalities
  • You must have a maximum of 6 players from the same league
  • You must have a maximum of 6 players from the same country/region
  • Exactly gold quality players
  • Total chemistry of minimum 32

FIFA 23 The Challenger SBC Solution

You can see the requirements of this challenge are pretty straightforward. This squad is going to be cheaper and easier to build. Just follow the pattern of players that we have mentioned and this will get your problem solved in no time.

Don’t use any position modifiers in this case. You can submit this solution right away.

The ideal and cheapest players for The Challenger SBC solution are listed below:

  • GK: Mariano Andujar
  • RB: Ignacio Vidal Miralles
  • CB: Leonardo Ballerdi
  • CB: Jesus Vallejo Lazaro
  • LB: Mikel Balenziaga
  • RB: Andrian Embarba Blazquez
  • CDM: Guillermo Fernandez
  • CM: Agustin Palavecino
  • RW: Antonio Villa Suarez
  • ST: Walter Bou
  • ST: Samuel Saiz Alonso

You are going to spend approximately 5000-6000 coins on this squad but it is worth the spending because in return you are going to get 30000 coins worth of rare Electrum players pack. Although it is untradeable still it is worth it.

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