How To Play As Ted Lasso / AFC Richmond In FIFA 23

Read this guide to learn how to play Ted Lasso in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and make AFC Richmond the best team.

After the release of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you can now play as a Ted Lasso for the coach of AFC Richmond. All that is only possible in the new career mode in which you can virtually play as any player or manager in the game.

When you are playing as a coach in the game, every decision of yours plays a very vital role in the team. If you play your card right, you can make AFC Richmond the best team in the whole of Europe. Read this guide to learn how to play Ted Lasso in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

How to find Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond in FIFA 23

Ted lasso and the AFC Richmond are one of the major inductees into the FIFA 23 functional clubs and coaches. Fortunately, both the coach and the team are unlockable in the game.

To unlock Ted Lasso as a playable manager in FIFA 23, you must play the Career Mode while AFC Richmond can be found by trading them into any Career Mode playable league.

How to unlock Ted Lasso in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

In FIFA 23, all the Ted Lasso content will be available after the release of the Ultimate Team version of the game. You can easily access the new content by going to the in-game objectives. But new content will not be unlocked from the get-go.

You can however unlock the Ted Lasso after buying it from the FUT market. The price for all the Ted Lasso content is 4 stars. Once you have the required number of stars, you can easily buy Ted Lasso content.

Below is the list of all the Ted Lasso items that you will unlock in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team:

  • Ted Lasso (Manager)
  • Coach Beard (Manager)
  • Nelson Road (Stadium)
  • AFC Richmond Badge
  • AFC Richmond Kits
  • Tifos

Additionally, you can play as Tad Lasso and AFC Richmond in Quickplay, Pro Clubs, and Seasons. In short, you can play as the league in any type of multi/singleplayer or online mode in FIFA 23.

Simply move the country to “Rest of the World” when selecting your team to find the AFC Richmond.

Playing as Ted Lasso in career mode

You can run the AFC Richmond in the shoes of Ted Lasso in FIFA career mode. Once, your career is started, you will then run the whole league as a manager. Follow the steps below to play as a Ted Lasso in FIFA 23:

  • Select the New Career Mode by going to the main menu of FIFA 23.
  • You will then get an option to play as a player or the manager. Select “Play as Manager” from the list.
  • From the list of managers, select Ted Lasso under the Rest of World tab.
  • The next step is to select the team that you want to manage.
  • The best choice is to choose the AFC Richmond. But you can choose any team you like.
  • Once you have chosen your team, you can then begin your role as team manager.

How to Play as a Player in AFC Richmond

In FIFA 23, you can play as any of the players in AFC Richmond. After that, you can then participate in any of the online and offline matches in the game. Follow these simple steps below to join AFC Richmond as a player:

  • Select the New Career Mode by going to the main menu of FIFA 23.
  • Then select Create New Player. You can customize your player to your liking.
  • Choose AFC Richmond as your team.
  • Save the setting and you are set to start your career as a player in AFC Richmond.

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