How To Start FIFA 23 Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

FIFA 23 isn’t just about playing football and scoring goals. A substantial part of the gameplay revolves around building and managing squads, completing challenges, and more. One such side activity is squad building challenges or SBCs that you can take part in to earn player cards and coins in FIFA 23.

If you are struggling to find a way to solve these squad-building challenges, don’t worry, we got you covered. Here we have explained how to get started with SBCs in FIFA 23, how to avoid mistakes, and get the challenges done quickly.

How to start FIFA 23 squad building challenges

SBC or squad-building challenges are done by creating a squad by utilizing your player items. You will get a different reward every time you complete and submit a challenge.

Here is everything you should know on how to build a squad-building challenge.

  • Go to “FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM” from the “main menu” of FIFA 23.
  • From the “Home” tab select and then enter squad building challenges.
  • Select the challenge you want to complete.
  • Create/Build a team.
  • Complete the selected challenge.
  • Submit

Using required items from Club or Transfer market you can build a team that will help you complete an SBC. It is a team of mixed players from different nationalities, ratings, leagues, and clubs.

Pay special attention to players you are adding to these teams to complete the SBCS because once you submit a team these players will be permanently removed from your club. However, these can be bought again if available.

What to do after entering Squad Editor?

After entering squad editor- it does not matter if you come from squad builder or “start from scratch”, challenge requirements will appear on the right side of the screen. If the requirements have been met then it will turn green, otherwise, it will turn red.

Squad editor serves the same functionality as squad management in FUT. To get a green flag, you have to follow and position the players accordingly.

To add a player, you have to go to the player slot select “swap”, then add a player from your club. Still, make sure you have selected the player according to the requirements.

After you have completed the SBC challenge, all you got to do is to tap “submit”. Note that, once you have submitted a player, it will be removed permanently from your club. You will have to buy it again.

Some challenges have limited time to complete. Once the time is over, you cannot submit a squad.

Some SBCs also require you to redeem FGS Swaps player tokens. Another name for these tokens is the Special player items that can be exchanged for different packs or can also be used to complete SBCs and unlock unique rewards. These tokens can easily be earned by watching events on Twitch and YouTube for a specific watch time.

FIFA 22 SBC Cheapest Solutions

Below mentioned are some of the SBCs and their cheapest solutions for FIFA 22.

Elite Eight SBC


  • Total Players: 11
  • Gold Players: 11
  • Min Rare Players: 5
  • Nations: 8
  • Min Chem: 88
  • Max Same Nation: 2
  • Max Same Club: 3

The reward for this SBC is the Prime Gold Players Pack. The cheapest solution for this SBC is mentioned below. The estimated price for this team is almost 40k coins.

  • LM: Perisic (Inter)
  • LW: Pjaca (Torino)
  • RM: HateBoer (Bergamo Calcio)
  • CM: BenTanCur (Piemonte Calcio)
  • CDM: Amrabat (Fiorentina)
  • CM: Eriksen (Inter)
  • LWB: Dimarco (Inter)
  • CB: Dawidovicz (Hellas Verona)
  • GK: Skorupski (Bologna)
  • CB: Ayhan (Sassuolo)
  • RB: Conti (Milan)

The Final Four SBC


  • Total Players: 11
  • Min Rare Players: 4
  • Nations: 4
  • Min Chem: 80
  • Min Rating: 70
  • Max Same Nation: 4
  • Max Same Club: 4

The reward for this SBC is the Electrum Players Pack. The cheapest solution for this SBC is mentioned below. The estimated price for this team is almost 25k coins.

  • ST: Tawamba (Al Taawoun)
  • CAM: Al Shammari (Al Hazem)
  • ST: Al Ghamdi (Al Raed)
  • LM: Puado (RCD Espanyol)
  • CDM: Relu (Levante UD)
  • CB: Vogt (Hoffenheim)
  • CB: Gulde (SC Freiburg)
  • GK: Muller (Stuttgart)
  • CM: Fran Beltran (RC Celta de Vigo)
  • CB: Stenzel (Vfb Stuttgart)
  • RM: Brais Mendez (RC Celta de Vigo)


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