FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC Solution

Building a top squad team in FIFA 23 becomes almost an essential requirement if you want to ace through every match. Making the perfect ultimate team is going to help you in the long run, and one way to do that is by participating in Squad Building Challenges. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 23 and how to solve it effectively.

You can’t perform effectively in FIFA 23 until you’ve got yourself a strong team. For this, you need some of the top-rated players with high performance. However, getting your hands on these players can be very expensive on its own, and this is where SBCs become a great help and worth every penny.

Squad building challenges require players to build a squad under specific criteria and participate in challenges that help them earn packs of gold or rare variation at the end that may reward them with the top players.

For the Puzzle Master squad building challenge in FIFA 23, players have certain requirements that need to be fulfilled to make the team and participate in challenges. Upon successful completion, players will get a Rare Players Pack and a few top players.

Puzzle Master SBC Requirements

The following are Puzzle Master SBC requirements players must fulfill to play.

  • Leagues: Exactly 5
  • Nationalities: Exactly 6
  • Same Club Count: Max 2
  • Squad Rating: Min 80
  • Squad Total Chemistry Points: Min 20
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11

FIFA 23 Puzzle Master SBC Solution

To build this team, you need to have exactly five leagues, with six nationalities and overall 20 chemistry points. For your formation, we recommend you match players by either league or team.

Match the players by the same league and try choosing them from the same nations. For example, players of Spain and Portugal make great choices for you to solve this SBC.

Also, Puzzle Master SBC is a lot more loose on its requirement in contrast to other SBCs we have played so far.

So you can easily adjust players of other leagues when you’ve completed the required count, and also, you can easily work around with Chemistry Points generally without having to care about how much CP a single player brings to the team.

If you feel like forming this team is getting expensive, players can lower it by winning some players through Transfer Market bids. It requires patience but is worth it if you’re working with a budget.

Below is the formation that meets every requirement of the SBC.

  • ST: Evanilson (Brazil)
  • LW: Daniel Podence (Portugal)
  • RW: Pedro Goncalves (Portugal)
  • CB: Daley Blind (Dutch)
  • CB: Raul Albiol (Spain)
  • LM: Rubin Garcia (Spain)
  • RM: Yeremy Pino (Spain)
  • CB: Gianluca Mancini (Italy)
  • GK: Agustin Marchesin (Argentina)
  • CM: Daniel Braganca (Portugal)
  • CM: Joao Moutinho (Portugal)

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