Best FIFA 23 Ones To Watch (OTW) Cards In FUT

FIFA 23 has added some new Ones to Watch cards, the big transfers from the last summer. Now, these players...

FIFA 23 has added some new Ones to Watch cards, the big transfers from the last summer. Now, these players have the opportunity to boost their ranking significantly.

These OTW cards in FIFA 23 also have some conditions to fulfill to get a permanent boost in ranking. This guide will cover these conditions and the best OTW Cards in FIFA 23 FUT.

What is OTW in FIFA 23?

Ones to Watch cards are special cards in FIFA 23 for players who made big moves to new clubs this transfer window. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team acknowledges the biggest signings of the summer with the Ones To Watch promo.

How do OTW cards work?

The Ones To Watch player cards receive upgrades based on their performance on-field for their new clubs.

The cards are also up for upgrade based on how their club and nation perform in the ongoing 22-23 season and World Cup 2022.

Best FIFA 23 Ones to Watch (OTW) cards in FUT

Before talking about the best One to Watch cards in FIFA 23, we will tell you the conditions that can give your player a permanent boost in ratings.

Wins to Watch
Win to Watch is the first condition that can give footballers a permanent boost in ratings. To fulfill this condition for a player, the team has to win 3 out of 8 domestic league matchups.

Nations to Watch
This condition is primarily for the nations that are a part of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. If their country wins at least one match in World Cup, they will get a permanent boost in the ratings.

Now let’s talk about some of the best One-to-Watch cards in FIFA 23 that you need to focus on.

Erling Haaland

Haaland is among the highest-rated OTW cards in FIFA 23, with an overall rating of 88. Erling is among the few players set to become the highest-rated player in FIFA 23.

With his current Performance, he can help his team fulfill the Wins to Watch condition and boost the overall ratings.

Robert Lewandowski

He is already the highest-rated player in FIFA 23. But still, its stats can boost further because Lewandowski is one of the big transfers that happened last summer.

Since he joins Barcelona, they do get a bump in Performance. He is also a part of the Polish team at the Qatar World Cup.

Because of this reason, he can quickly fulfill both Wins to Watch and Nations to Watch conditions to get a significant boost in the rating.

Sadio Mane

Sadio is another strong OTW Card to get a boost in ratings this season. He recently joined Bayern Munich and had scored 5 goals for them already.

He is also the second-highest rated player in the OTW cards, with an overall rating of 89. The bad thing is Sadio will not get any benefit from the Nation to Watch condition.

But Win to Watch will still get him to an even stronger position.


He has joined Tottenham Hotspur, having a great start this season. Richarlison is expected to have a great season, and because of that, he will meet the Wins to Watch condition in no time.

But he didn’t stop with just this boost in rating. He will represent his team Brazil in the World Cup, and winning one match wouldn’t be a tough job for them.

These things make Richarlison a great One to Watch Card in FIFA 23, potentially reaching the game’s highest-rated players.

Renato Sanches

He is a PSG midfielder that will fulfill the Wins to Watch condition in a few weeks, looking at his team’s Performance. His advantages didn’t stop here.

Renato will be representing Portugal in the World Cup, so winning a match wouldn’t be a tough job. Portugal is expected to top group H of the World Cup.

His already 80-rated card will get a good boost, so we recommend you go for him.

How to upgrade OTW players in FIFA 23

The OTW cards traditionally had two ways to receive upgrades but with the World Cup 2022 around the corner, a third, Nation to Watch option was added.

For every OTW player whose nation qualified for the World Cup, their card is eligible for an upgrade for every win their nation earns in the tournament.

Even players whose nations failed to qualify can receive boosts for wins that their country can earn.

The primary way to qualify for upgrades is for the Wins to Watch upgrade. The OTW card stats are boosted for winning three out of eight of their next club matches in the current domestic season.

Additionally, player performances can also upgrade the OTW cards. Once the player receives a performance-based item in FIFA 23 which includes a Man of the Match card or a Team of the Week nomination.

How to get OTW players

Players can acquire OTW cards in multiple ways which include spending money on the game or grinding.

The obvious way to get Ones To Watch cards is to pack them. players willing to spend big can open plenty of packs for the chance of getting these players. It is recommended to open promo packs for a better shot at packing them.

Also, those of you who pre-ordered the game can claim an untradeable Ones To Watch player pack.

The second option is SBCs or Squad Building Challenges. Players will be required to submit squads of players from their FUT club based on certain set requirements.

Regularly check the SBC menu for new OTW SBC submissions.

Additionally, players can also acquire OTW cards by grinding out the game and completing certain Special Season Objectives. Complete all the challenges to obtain the OTW card available.

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