FIFA 23 First XI SBC Solution

First XI is the final SBC which you will find in the Hybrid Leagues section of FIFA 23 squad building challenges. This will be the most expensive challenge that you will be doing in hopes to be rewarded with an untradeable Rare Players Pack that has a coin value of 50,000 alongside 12 rare gold players.

This guide will give information on what the requirements are for the First XI challenge and what the solution is.

First XI SBC Requirements

The requirements for the First XI squad building challenge are:

  • Exactly 11 leagues in the squad
  • All players must be gold
  • Minimum 7 players must be rare
  • Minimum 2 chemistry points for each player
  • Minimum of 27 squad chemistry

Cheapest First XI SBC Solution In FIFA 23

There aren’t many players of the same nationality to make up for the team chemistry requirements. To fulfill the requirement, you will either go for Brazilian or French nationality that you can find within some popular leagues.

Since the reward is worth 50,000 coins, you will need to spend at least 20,000 to build up a proper team to complete the challenge.

We have compiled a list of gold-rare players for you to use in each position

  • GK: Jean
  • RB: Bruno Peres
  • CB: Matheus Reis
  • CB: Marcao
  • LB: Paulo Otavio
  • CDM: Allan
  • CM: Gerson
  • CM: Oscar
  • RM: Felipe Anderson
  • LM: Romarinho
  • ST: Cesinha

With this setup, you are guaranteed to complete the challenge.

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