EA Will Introduce “Additional Anti-Cheat Measures” on PC for FIFA 23

Electronic Arts has decided to introduce Cross-play for FIFA 23 at launch. EA has assured fans that they are bringing extra anti-cheat measures specially on PC for a positive, healthy, and fun experience.

In order to promote a positive, healthy, and fun FIFA 23 experience, especially when it comes to cross-play, we’re introducing additional anti-cheat measures to the PC version. We’ll have more details to share in the near future.

It’s usually a challenge for any developer to introduce crossplay for a game with PC, especially when it’s a competitive game. The open ended PC platform leaves a lot of potential loopholes for the hackers to capitalize on. It seems like EA is aware of this issue and they want to make sure that PC doesn’t see any hackers or cheaters to spoil the fun for everyone.

As for the cross-play itself, it’s limited in some ways. For instance, there won’t be cross-generational play in FIFA 23 due to gameplay differences. PS5 and Xbox Series Players however, will be able to crossplay with PC players. Good news for PC players as the PC version will finally be on parity with PS5 and Xbox Series. Stadia Players will also be able to enjoy the crossplay with next-gen consoles thanks to the power of the cloud. As for Nintendo Switch, sadly, FIFA 23 will still be a legacy edition.

FIFA 23 crossplay options

Moreover, the crossplay is only limited to 1V1 modes only so that might be a bummer for the fans. The good thing is that EA has finally realized the importance of crossplay and it should get better with future releases.

As you may already know, FIFA 23 will be the last soccer game from EA with FIFA brand as both FIFA and EA have decided to part ways. So in 2023, EA’s soccer game might arrive with a full crossplay support.

EA has announced that FIFA 23 will release on September 30 with ultimate edition early access beginning three days early. EA is also bringing Ladies club football for the first time in the franchise. FIFA 23 will also get World Cup related content via updates so fans should watch out for that too.

Since it will the last FIFA branding iteration for EA, the publisher will try to make the best game in the series so far before they reboot the brand next year.

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