New FIFA 22 Icons Hinted At Ahead Of Trailer, At Least Nine Possible New Players

Some new FIFA 22 icons have been hinted at before FIFA 22 even gets a trailer, showing at least nine different players who might be picked.

As a likely announcement date for FIFA 22 gets closer and closer, now people are starting to come out with likely players that have been good enough over the past year to be seen as FIFA 22 Icons, highly sought-after players that can help a team greatly if you manage to get them.

A high-ranked FIFA player named Langpard on Twitter brought up some possible names that we’d be seeing as part of these new icons, including Gabriel Batistuta, Robin Van Persie, Lucio, Park Ji Sung, Jaap Stam, Cha Bum-kun, Diego Forlan, Wesley Sneidjer, and Iker Casillas. None of these have been confirmed yet, though they have been added to FIFA Online 4.

FIFA 21, last year’s game, had over a hundred different Icon players, but the number might increase this year if any of the new names make it into the list of icons in FIFA 22. Of course, it also relies on one of the most criticized things of FIFA in that new variety is needed even with new FIFA 22 icons.

FIFA, like many yearly sports games, suffers from issues of being mostly the same with few big updates. While FIFA 21 did innovate somewhat after being hamstrung by development challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic, FIFA 20 was almost identical to FIFA 19, causing a large amount of controversy.

New players to be icons in FIFA 22 will definitely be at least one good step into making FIFA 22 seem more distinct, though until we actually have an announcement for the game and some information about what its mechanics will be like, it’s too soon to really say how “different” it will be.

We already know that alongside the FIFA 22 icons that the game will be the first FIFA title fully optimized for next-gen consoles, so at least we know the visuals will be stunning. With luck, along with whenever the reveal trailer comes out, we’ll also get a release date to know when FIFA 22 will come to consoles and other platforms.

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