FIFA 22 Has An Activation Limit On PC

FIFA 22 will release on PC with multiple layers of digital rights management schemes, including one which enforces an activation limit.

According to the official Steam listing from earlier today, each digital copy of FIFA 22 will have a “one machine activation limit” on PC which suggests that publisher Electronic Arts (EA) will be limiting a single purchase to a single system.

The one-time activation rule hence makes it impossible for players to activate their FIFA 22 copy on any other PC system, including their own should they upgrade their motherboards in the near future.

There however stands a slim chance that the wording has been taken out of context and as such, players will still be able to activate their FIFA 22 copy on other PC systems but only after deactivating them from others.

That being said, it does look like EA has taken a wrecking ball to the PC version of the new installment. The game has already been receiving a backlash before release owing to the absence of next-generation features. The inclusion of a one-time activation limit will only make the situation worse.

For those unaware, FIFA 22 will release on PC without any next-generation features such as HyperMotion which uses a machine learning to create new animations in an ongoing match in real time.

HyperMotion as well as other next-generation features will only be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and also Google Stadia which will probably make a lot of fans disappointed.

EA previously stated that making FIFA barebones on PC has to do with making the game more accessible to players who are still running games on aging hardware. However, placing an activation limit only works against that accessibility nature.

FIFA 22 will be releasing on all supported platforms on October 1, 2021.

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