FIFA 21 PC Disconnection Glitch Is Still Alive

FIFA 21 on PC has been suffering from a notorious disconnection glitch which continues to impact online play for players worldwide.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, user “ThereIsNotMuch” shared how the number of cheaters in FIFA 21 on PC has increased as of late. The said disconnection glitch allows players to forcefully disconnect their opponents at the start of matches. The game however still counts the match as a loss for the disconnected players while the glitch-triggering players are awarded a win.

“My personal experience from Rivals: you start the game, you see bronze team, you miraculously disconnect at the start of the game, and the game counts – you lose rank, you get no weekly points, and the game counts towards the 30 game limit,” explained the user.

What makes the problem even worse is that players have been frequently reporting the disconnection glitch on the official forums but developer Electronic Arts (EA) is yet to provide any help. The developer is also yet to even acknowledge the problem and as far as players are concerned, EA has only been “deflecting” the issue for weeks now.

Take note that the said disconnection glitch is not new. FIFA 21 was suffering from the same glitch more or less as far back as last October. Back then, players discovered that substituting in FIFA Ultimate Team Champions froze the game for their opponents once they scored a goal. It was an unfair way of making opponents quit even if they were winning and hence, would be awarded a loss.

The disconnection glitch has also plagued past FIFA installments as well in various forms. FIFA 21 on PC appears to be still carrying forth similar issues. The community hopes that EA comes around to provide an official statement and fixes the glitch to make online play anything but a frustrating experience.

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