FIFA 21 Chemistry Styles Guide

In FIFA 21, you might have noticed this Chemistry Style buff. It might not be required if you are a normal player but if you’re a hardcore fan you definitely require this buff to get the most out of your game. This FIFA 21 Chemistry Styles Guide will help you find out the buffs provided by all the styles.

FIFA 21 Chemistry Styles

Chemistry style buffs are necessary to master your Ultimate Team Squad. You just need to apply these styles to your players and they will get buffs depending upon the chemistry style you apply.

These buffs can provide you with an increase in physicality or make your pacey wingers faster or just the defending ability of your center-backs.

Before you apply these to your player you will see that the values of these buffs can be upgraded.

A higher Chemistry Level means higher the boost will be. When specific Chemistry Styles are implemented, some specific attributes are boosted for players and team.

The second use of chemistry styles comes in. Because of their popularity, items that boost player speed can be sold for big coin.

There are 22 chemistry styles in total. The most sought after of these chemistry styles are Anchor, Shadow, Engine, Catalyst, Hawk and Hunter.

The following are all the Chemistry Styles from FIFA 21.


Sentinel Defending: 3, Physical: 3
Guardian Dribbling: 3, Defending: 3
Gladiator Shooting: 3, Defending: 3
Backbone Passing: 2, Defending: 2, Physical: 2
Shadow Pace: 3, Defending: 3
Anchor Pace: 2, Defending: 2, Physical:2


Sniper Shooting: 3, Dribbling: 3
Deadeye Shooting: 3, Passing: 3
Hawk Pace: 2, Shooting: 2, Physical: 2
Hunter Pace: 3, Shooting: 3
Marksman Shooting: 2, Dribbling: 2, Physical: 2
Finisher Shooting: 3, Physical: 3


Maestro Shooting: 2, Passing: 2, dribbling: 2
Catalyst Pace: 3, Passing: 3
Powerhouse Passing: 3, defending: 3
Artist Passing: 3, Dribbling: 3
Engine Pace: 2, Passing: 2, Dribbling: 2
Architect Passing: 3, Physical: 3


Wall Diving: 2, Handling: 2, Kicking: 2
Cat Reflexes: 2, Speed: 2, Positioning: 2
Shield Kicking: 2, Reflexes: 2, Speed: 2
Glove Diving: 2, Handling: 2, Positioning: 2


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