FIFA 20 Volta Tips to Help You Secure More Wins

Fans of the acclaimed series are already familiar with the plethora of modes available to them, however, with FIFA 20, fans can now sink their teeth into something completely, the Volta game mode.

Volta Mode takes you back to the streets and has you competing in backstreet matches, away from the hubbub of large, imposing stadiums – something more rustic but still captures the essence and values of football. This guide will break the game mode down further below:

FIFA 20 Volta Tips

With only a handful of players, a smaller goal, and a significantly smaller pitch, Volta mode will really take you back to those halcyon days of youth were you yourself participated in football games with the neighborhood kids in the middle of the street.

Volta features a custom build gameplay system that’s centered on football realism, utilizing tools such as simplified flicks and skill moves, flair animations, emotes, and, most notably, the use of walls to circumvent certain intruding defenders.

Game Modes

Under the banner of Volta, you have sub-modes where players can test their skills, or use the modes as a way to improve themselves.

VOLTA Kick-Off
You take any professional team and use them in the streets. Have them compete in a variety of different locations and match setups, all requiring you to think differently and trying something new every time.


Play in singleplayer matches in a variety of different locations and match setups, earning a new player from the opposing team with every victory. You get to build your star team through this mode.

A story mode where you craft your own unique player and join them on a journey of self-growth and perseverance, facing off against some of the greatest names in football history.

Earn rewards and use those to customize your character further, all of this done to help you reach the finals in Buenos Aires – the VOLTA World Championship!

VOLTA League
A league in which you square off against other teams from around the world. An online mode that pits you against other real-life gamers to see who among you is the best of the best.

VOLTA Training Drills
Unlocked once you’ve gone through the initial stages of the VOLTA story, this mode lets you practice the various skillsets available to you in the overall mode.

Absolutely essential for your growth as there’s a great deal of profundity and nuance in the gameplay for this mode.

Ancillary Details

There’s a lot more to the mode than what’s been stated so far. Unlike a proper game, Volta games have 3-5 players on each side, and the rules for each game can differ: some can be time-based, others can be goal-oriented.

In certain games, such as the ‘rush’ styled game, there will be no goalkeepers. The defender in the back will act as both a shooter and a passer, defending the goal the best he can while acting out those two salient roles.

The nets for these games are considerably smaller than the ones we’re all used to in the professional games. Even in the Street with Keepers match, which has a larger net and a goalkeeper, it’s still not of the same length and breadth as a net in an actual, professional game.

Due to the size, it’s very difficult to score a goal as players will be accustomed to shooting at full power, something that will not work here at all.

Volta also does away with various traditional rules of conventional football – for example, there is no offside penalty. Meaning that you’re allowed to run past the defenders, accept a pass and score a goal.

The game also does away with certain mechanics such as the stamina bar. You can sprint at full speed for however long you like!

Volta Tips and Tricks

The following is a list that will detail various tactics, techniques, and some good advice that will definitely assist you in your Volta career:

Skill Points
Yep, there’s actually a skill tree for your customized character. However, you’re only given access to two skills at the start, therefore you’re veritably limited in what you’re actually capable of.

Due to this, it would be in your best interest to invest skill points as quickly as you get them to level up until you reach a 5-star ranking. The quicker you do that, the more you’ll actually be able to do.

Crafting Your Team
As you climb the ladder, you’ll be given several opportunities to recruit new players. This needs to be done with careful consideration.

Similar to FUT, you can place a player in any position, and the team chemistry is an important facet for all of it. Therefore, you need to find players that fit the position they want to which corresponds with what you need them to do.

Furthermore, you need to increase your team chemistry by looking at the home turf, favorite formation, and position. Having multiple players with the same home turf will increase the chemistry substantially.

Keep all of this in mind when crafting your team.

Due to the smaller pitch, and the lack of players, it can be very easy to go from one net to the other, meaning you will have players at your net more frequently. Because of this, you need your defense to be as tight as possible.

If a defender gains possession of the ball, pass it onto someone else, do not attempt to move forward and score a goal. This will leave you wide open for a counterattack.

Furthermore, stay as close to the goal as possible – due to its size, just standing in front of it will do the job of keeping it safe.

Intercepting the ball is relatively easy in Volta due to the size of the pitch, and this can be supplemented by jockeying whenever possible.

This can be done by holding the L2 button for the PS4, or the LT button for the Xbox. Doing so will have you intercepting the ball far more frequently.

Simplicity is Paramount
You’re given access to a cornucopia of some truly awe-inspiring shots, including finesse shots. But Volta is not the place for them, unfortunately. Due to the size of the pitch and the net, getting too fancy with your shots may not work in your favor.

It’s best to stick to the basics and just get a goal through simple techniques. However, you also have access to some simplified skill moves (ones you can access by simultaneously holding R2 and L2/LT and RT).

These simplified skill moves allow you to pull off some truly impressive shots and techniques without much effort – this is something that can benefit you heavily.

Power Isn’t Everything
Due to the size of the net, putting too much power behind your shots will launch the ball too far, meaning it will miss the net and hit the wall. You’re advised to get as close to the net as possible and go for a low powered finesse shot to get the score.

Walls Are Your Friends
The walls in the Volta locations prevent the ball from going out of bounds, but that’s not all! You can use the walls to your advantage!

Bouncing the ball off the walls to circumvent some annoying defenders or to confuse your opponent. The walls can become part of your game plan if you’re clever enough to truly utilize them.

In the VOLTA Story Mode, you’re given the option of controlling the entire team or just the main character, Revvy.

When starting out, it’s best to control Revvy only, due to the fact that it gives you an opportunity to really look and understand how your team functions on its own.

You can also call for passes and learn how exactly your team positions itself, which will help later down the line.

The Through-Pass
You can perform a through-pass by pressing the ‘Triangle button’ on the PS4, or the ‘Y’ button on the Xbox controller. The reason why this is so beneficial is that there’s no offside rule in this mode.

You can take advantage of that and get through the defense easily to score more goals!

A fun experience awaits you in the brand-new Volta mode, one we hope will live up to all expectations and gives you the time of your life. Have fun playing!

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