FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Guide – FUT Basics, Building a Team

With the release of FIFA 20, football fans will once again have access to the FIFA Ultimate Team Mode (FUT for short). Veterans of the series already know what this is, but some of the newcomers may be wondering, “What exactly is FUT?”

Ask and ye shall receive. It’s fairly straightforward (at least, at the start): FIFA Ultimate Team is a mode that lets you create and manage your dream team, using players and managers from throughout the history of football.

This is done for the purpose of playing online and offline matches.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

While the above-mentioned description of FUT sounds relatively simple, but then you’re introduced to the concepts of Player Cards, in-game currency, trading, contracts, club items, and consumables – all of a sudden, there seems to be a lot more going on here than what it seems initially.

However, that is where this guide comes in to break everything down.

Know What You’re Getting Into
Firstly, you can’t just jump into this whole endeavor without having an idea of what to expect. Like any sport, this is a game with rules on top of rules on top of rules.

Ignorance of these rules will not assist you. They’re likely to hinder your progress. Therefore, read up on the rules, try to comprehend the perimeters of what can and can’t be done within this particular mode.

Secondly, don’t go into the mode expecting to have great players right off the bat. In fact, you may not get some legendary players until way down the line.

That’s not to say there’s a 0% of you gaining a rare player, if you’re lucky enough, you may stumble across a card pack that, against all odds, contains a card that’s worth keeping.

But don’t expect that to actually happen, the likelihood of that is close to nil.

Furthermore, you currently have access to the Demo, although you don’t gain anything from it, it helps in familiarizing you with a great deal of what the game has to offer; get a feel of the game through the demo.

Subsequently, if you’re a returning player from FIFA 19, and have created a Security Question and Answer on FUT Console before 1st August 2019, then the FUT 20 Web App is available to you.

Based on your activity in the previous game, you will receive starter and welcome packs, along with daily gifts (this is quite handy as you’ll build up your stack and have more cards to trade and sell).

Finally, you also have access to FIFA 20: Special Edition – you will be gifted Gold Packs once per week for a total of 12 weeks, alongside that you’ll be given several players on loan; all of this can be claimed in the game’s early access.

How Does FUT Work?
Now that you’ve tempered your expectations and have a better grasp of what’s awaiting you amidst the fray, let’s talk about how FUT actually functions.

Every single item in this mode, including Players, Managers, Consumables, Staff, and Club Items, are all available to you in the form of trading cards.

You can utilize these cards and trade them in for other players or for cash, which you can then use to buy more packs and hopefully get better cards.

Coins are the in-game currency, you spend coins to buy back packs and anything else of need. You gain coins by winning matches, performing certain tasks, trading or selling cards, and so forth.

It can be a slow and arduous process, therefore, if anyone doesn’t mind spending a bit of cash, then they have the option of purchasing Points with real-world money. You can then use these points to buy rarer packs and get better cards.

Your wallet will definitely take a hit, however, in fact, EA has received some criticism for this system, as it too closely resembles gambling (it’s not always guaranteed you’ll get good cards in your packs) and that, being such a taboo subject, is not something that should exist in a game that many young children will be playing.

Regardless, it’s up to you to decide whether you wish to earn Coins through hard work or taking the easier route and simply buying whatever you need (though we advise not spending money that you don’t have – no reason to rack up debt over a game).

Within this mode, you have access to a market system, meticulously designed and layered with complexities. It’s in this market where you’ll be able to buy and sell players.

What’s fascinating about this whole system is that all the players in-game are affected by the standings of their real-life counterparts.

In other words, if a footballer gains some fame, their value within the game may skyrocket. Therefore, you have to keep a close eye on what’s going on in the market through what’s happening in the real world.

By having foresight, playing it carefully, and having an acute idea of what’s to come, you’ll be able to manipulate the market; buy cheap and sell for more!

Another thing to note: the value, stats, and overall performance of a player will also change depending on how their real-life counterpart is performing.

Your Club
This is for returning players carrying their information forward from FUT 19: you will be asked whether to maintain your current club name or to change it.

Newcomers will, of course, have to start from scratch so will have to pick a name. Be forewarned that you are not allowed to change the name once it is set, so be careful.

Alongside this, you will also have to choose a country. Many of your starting cards will stem from that country, hence why you have to think about this carefully.

You will, once everything is set up, be given the Starter Pack that will mostly contain cards from the country you selected; alongside this, you will get a loan player that will only play in your Club for a limited number of matches.

After that, you will be presented a set of choices from which you must select your Home and Away Kits; once more, think wisely and carefully. You will also have to choose a crest for your Club.

Both the Kits and the Crest can be changed later in the game when you have more options available, but you’ll need something worthwhile in the meantime. Once all of this is done, you’ll be gifted your first Starter Packs.

Player Packs
Opening Packs will get you your cards. Packs are split into several categories that denote their rarity: from Bronze, Gold, all the way up to Mega Packs.

The rarity of the pack will determine the rarity of the cards within; you can attain some highly ranked and rated players, although getting the rarer Packs can be quite pricey.

When you first start FUT, you’ll be gifted some Packs. These Packs will help you get off the ground: enough players (22) to start playing matches, a stadium, one ball, one badge, and two kits (home and away).

The cards in these starter pack cannot be traded, they’re essentially the base for your whole operation, as such, and they must always be in your possession.

Your First Objective
You have everything ready, now what? Well, the game will give you a ‘Welcome to FUT’ objective that you must complete before progressing. Once you’ve completed the very easy objective, you’ll be rewarded; now you can play your first season match.

Make sure to properly set up your team, out of the 22 players available to you, use the best ones and put them into the right position. This will help raise your Team Rating and Chemistry – indispensable traits.

After completing the match, your next objective will be to buy a player from the Transfer Market, and you must then let your newest player play in the next match.

Complete that and you’ll have gone through all the initial objectives, each rewarding you handsomely and springboarding you to greater heights. You’ll have access to even more challenges, meaning even more chances to gain unique rewards!

How to Get Players
We’ve established the primary method of gaining players – Cards from Packs. But that’s not the only method available to you. You can also play matches, earn enough Coins and buy players directly from the market.

You can also sell existing players or any other item you feel you can sell, gain enough Coins and buy a player.

Definitely a slow process that will require a lot of grinding to get the necessary assets, but one that’s not as much of an expense as spending actual money.

However, there’s a certain disadvantage to this method: the high-end players will be expensive, and with how mercurial the market can be, there’s no guarantee that their value will actually diminish; it may actually rise exponentially!

Because of this, EA has added in a mini-game: you’ll be given certain objectives, and completion of those objectives will earn your Players – some rarer than others. Even this method, however, can be a little tricky.

For example, you may be offered an incredibly rare card, one that may be worth its weight in gold, but the requirement of acquiring it could be something as outrageous as trading in an entire team that comprises of English players.

Is one card really worth an entire team? Maybe, or maybe not; it’s hard to say, you’ll have to assess each situation for yourself and decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Another method available to you is through the FUT Champions. Basically, every weekend there will be a ranked league in which you can participate.

As part of the league, you are tasked with playing games and depending on your performance and ranking, you will be rewarded.

You also have available to you Squad Building Challenges (SBC); these are challenges that are connected to how you manage and craft your Club. You’ll be given certain challenges, completing them will earn your players.

Finally, there are Season Objectives: these are individual and community challenges, involving Squad Battles, FUT Champions’ Games, or Rival matches – winning these throughout the season will earn you MANY rewards.

As you can see, there are a plethora of ways for you to tackle this situation; do whatever floats your boat, just know the game has your back and will provide you with whatever it is you require.

What to Do with Your Cards
You need Coins, lots and lots of Coins, especially in the long run. Therefore, you can’t start spending what little you have at the start, you need to be as frugal as possible.

For the sake of contracts, you need to farm as many Coins as you can, and the way to do so on the outset is to sell or trades all the cards that can be traded or sold.

May seem like a dire move but doing so will complete the first SBC, which will give you a leg up.

The rewards you get from completing this challenge will give you better players, that you can hold onto for some time; sell certain cards at a later time, when their value has gone up and you can get more from them.

Having stated the above, you’re not going to have a large sum of capital until much later, so good players will not be available to you for some time.

You may have to settle for low ranked players from a different country than what you’ve chosen (this will affect your Chemistry) or you may have on hand the wrong player for a certain position.

Essentially, it’s not gonna be easy, but it’s a task that will yield greater rewards as you go forward.

You need to improve your team bit-by-bit, if you feel a certain area of yours is lacking, look for a cheap player that will improve your stats, even if only slightly.

As time progresses, you’ll have a better team by the day, which will then earn you more Coins, which will then give you the opportunity to get better players.

Building Your Team
Before we get into this, we’re going to list down the top 10 players that are available in the game. Many of these rankings will not shock you. The following list will show their rankings in the game:

  • Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona (94)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Piemonte Calcio (93)
  • Neymar Jr., PSG (92)
  • Eden Hazard, Real Madrid (91)
  • Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City (91)
  • Jan Oblak, Atletico de Madrid (91)
  • Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool (91)
  • Mohammed Salah, Liverpool (90)
  • Luka Modric, Real Madrid (90)
  • Marc-Andre ter Stegen, FC Barcelona (90)

Now that you’re familiar with the top players, you now know which players you’re not gonna have for a very long time. These players are very rare and very difficult to attain – if you’re lucky you might get them early on but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Instead of focusing on getting the best players, you should rather focus on increasing your Team Chemistry. Chemistry, basically, determines the compatibility between players.

This is in relation to a player’s relationship with his teammates and manager; determined by their position, the squad formation, their nationality and that of the other players, whether they’ve played on the same team before or not.

They also have individual chemistry levels with the players relative to their position.

Having strong chemistry will allow your players to perform better: their shot accuracy will be greater, it’ll be easier to pass between players, and the whole team will function and perform better as a single unit.

Ergo, you must be clever when crafting your team.

You need to keep in mind the Chemistry level, if it’s too low then the team, even if it’s composed of star players, will not function as well as they should; a team of decent players with a stronger Chemistry level may perform better.

That’s not all, however, you also have to take into account the specific attributes of the player in conjunction to their designated position.

These attributes need to match your play style and what you’re looking for in a team, therefore its okay to sacrifice a bit of Chemistry for the sake of getting a player whose attributes complement your style of playing.

Managers and Contracts
The first investment you’ll need to make is into a manager, which is the most pertinent part of your staff.

The reason why they’re so invaluable is because of what they can do for you in terms of contracts – in order to play you need to purchase contracts, and they are quite expensive.

Although cheap contracts are available, they are not of much use. This is where a manager steps in, he can help you get better contracts for less and can also have the effects of the contract be increased significantly.

To elucidate on the previous point, managers raise the percentage of the contract’s effects occurring. A gold manager will raise the percentage by 3%, whereas a more common manager may raise it by 1%.

You can hire multiple managers so that the collective increase can be at 50%. This will earn you more rewards in the short run, and will have certain other benefits in the long run.

You don’t have to look for the gold managers right off the bat, you don’t have the funds for that.

In the beginning, it s okay to get the cheaper ones – what you’re striving for are managers who will bring the collective increase of contract effects up to or close to 50%.

Also try to find a manager whose nationality corresponds with the majority of your team, which will further increase the overall team Chemistry.

The value of a contract cannot be understated. To explain through an example: A player without any contracts, if injured, will not be able to play until a contract card is applied, or a fitness or injury card.

You will save money and valuable resources while keeping him in the reserves if you have access to useful contracts.

Play and Have Fun
Frankly, the most important tip that we can give you is to have fun. It’s a game, play it however you like, explore the various nuances present within it, come to your own conclusions, and do what you think will suit you best.

This guide is really just a collection of friendly advice that is likely to help you but not necessarily.

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