FIFA 20 FUT Squad Builds – Best Squads, Budget Squad Builds

We will be discussing different FIFA 20 FUT Squads on different price points in this guide which will help you begin your journey and get a nice squad build going. We will get you some cheap, mid-range and no-compromise squads and you can choose which one you want to make at the end.

FIFA 20 FUT Squad Builds

Below are some Squad Build suggestions we have for you, depending on how much you want to invest in getting your Ultimate Squad in FIFA 20 FUT ready:

Budget Build

For the goalkeeper, we will have Areola, which is a little pricey, but he will be worth it. For center back we have Djiku and Kimpembe, for the left-back we have Rousillion and for right-back we have Malcuit.

For the midfield, on the left-center mid we are going to go with Cyprein and on the right we have Aourar and in the center midfield, we will have Gueye.

On the left-wing, we are going to with Onyekuru and on the right-wing, we have Balde Diao, both of these wing players are insanely good and for the Striker, we will have Ben Yedder. You can use any formation you want with this squad and it will work well.

The Mid-Range Build

For the goalkeeper, you can either go with Courtois but it would be more budget-friendly to keep Areola. For left-center back, we have Eder Militao and for the right we have Varane.

For left and right back we have Alex Sandro and Joao Cancelo. For left-center, mid and right-center we have Allan, Frimino, and Wijnaldum respectively and then for the left-wing, striker and right-wing, we have Mane, Son and Sterling respectively.

High-End Build

This build most likely has no compromises but will cost you a lot. For the goalkeeper, we have De Gea. For the left and right center back we have Maldini and Van Dijk respectively and for the left and right back we have Zambrotta and Walker.

For the midfield, we have Mbappe, Vieira, and Gullit and for the left-wing, striker and right-wing position we have Neymar Jr., Matthaus, and Messi respectively. This is the absolute best no-compromise squad you can get in FIFA 20.

100k Build

If you have 100k coins, then this is the ultimate team squad for you. We will be using the 4-5-1, 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-3-1 formation for this squad. You can read more about that in our Formation Guide.

We have Werner in this squad who is really good at finishing, has 91 pace and 82 shooting and 82 dribbling. He costs 40000 coins which is a very good deal for a player like him.

Then we have Havertz which you might want to get as soon as you can as his price is very unstable and can go up any moment. As of the time of writing this guide he costs 30000 coins which is definitely going to go up.

Next up we have Lozano with 93 pace, 83 dribbling a total gold card with four-star skills and then have Muller who comes in at 14,000 coins.

You can learn more about the other major stars in this build through the picture above. Even though this squad is expensive, but it is still one of the best value squads out there.

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