FIFA 20 FUT Max Chemistry Guide – How to Improve Team Chemistry

The most important aspect of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in FIFA 20 that you need to focus upon is perhaps the Chemistry and how to max it out. This guide will provide a comprehensive look into how to dominate the game by maximizing your team chemistry.

FIFA 20 FUT Max Chemistry

In a nutshell, Chemistry is the understanding between the individual players and the team as a whole. Player chemistry can be considered as important, if not more, as the player ranking.

This is important enough that sometimes having a player with less ranking but contributing more to the team chemistry is advisable.

It ranges from 1-100, for team chemistry, and the quality is depicted by the colored lines between the adjacent players in the squad building screen.

That being said, adjacent players affect it the most as well. A green line indicates great chemistry, an orange good chemistry and a red indicates no chemistry. More of these green connections would lead to higher overall team chemistry.

Chemistry Styles
The chemistry styles for FUT are listed below:

  1. Attacking: Sniper (Sh,Db), Finisher (Sh,Phy), Deadeye (Sh,Ps), Marksman (Sh,Db,Phy), Hawk (P,Sh,Phy), Hunter (P,Sh).
  2. Midfielders: Artist (Db,Ps), Architect (Phy,Ps), Powerhouse (Def,Ps), Maestro (Db,Sh,P), Engine (P,Db,Ps), Catalyst(P,Ps).
  3. Defenders: Sentinel (Def,Phy), Guardian (Def,Db), Gladiator (Def,Ps), Backbone (Def,Sh), Anchor (P,Def,Phy), Shadow (P,Def).
  4. Goalkeepers: Wall (Di,Hnd,Kc), Shield (Kc,Rf,Spd), Cat (Rf,Spd,Pos), Glove(Di,Hnd,Pos).

The skills improved under each style have their abbreviations listed below and they have been mentioned in brackets with the individual styles:

Shooting (Sh), Dribbling (Db), Physical (Phy), Passing (Ps), Pace (P), Defending (Def), Speed (Spd), Kicking (Kc), Reflexes (Rf), Diving (Di), Positioning (Pos), Handling (Hnd).

Note: Attributes exclusive to the Goalkeepers have been highlighted in blue.

Calculating Chemistry
Team and player chemistry effects the player attributes, and the formula to calculate it is as follows: (Team Chemistry x .25) + ((Player Chemistry x 10) x .75)

  • A value greater than 50 would improve the affected chemistry style towards their maximum value. If the boost from this value would increase a player’s attributes above 99 the boost will cap at 99.
  • If the resultant is 50 then there would be no change.
  • In case the number is 49 or less, the players’ attributes decrease by the negative value towards 1.

How to improve Chemistry

Player Chemistry

  1. Try to use a player in at least ten matches as this earns you the Loyalty bonus. This bonus adds +1 to the player chemistry.
  2. Another method is to choose player(s) and manager with similar nationality or league. As a result, you get the Manager bonus which also adds +1 to the player chemistry.

If the players are in the same teams but different leagues that increases the chemistry by one.

  1. Different leagues but similar nationalities increases the chemistry by one.
  2. Same league and nationalities but different clubs increase it by two points.
  3. Similar club but different nationality also increases chemistry by two.

Having the same club and nationality boosts the chemistry by three points!

Team Chemistry
Try to be diverse when getting your starting XI together. Do not go for just a single club or single nationality. This may lead to higher chemistry but to an inflexible team.

Look at individual chemistries. They are listed on the profile page. Analyze how much the individual would contribute to the team and the benefits to himself.

We hope this guide would help you to assemble the best squad in FIFA FUT 20!