The Only FIFA 20 Free Kicks Guide You’ll Need

EA’s new set piece system has made scoring free-kicks much simpler in FIFA 20 than it was in previous titles. In FIFA 19, you couldn’t aim properly and you’d be lucky if a penalty occurred the way you wanted it to.  This guide covers all you need to know about the new mechanics in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Free Kicks

The new Free Kick System has five major components:

The new system ensures that you can get a better view of where the ball is going to end up so you can aim much better. You can use your pad to aim more accurately with the assistance of a reticle on the goal.

Use the Right Stick to position your player in an ideal pre-defined spot. Run up from the side (Wide) gives you more spin, Straight Run up (Straight) increases spin for outside of the foot shots and Default Run up (Normal) is a mix of the previous two.

The longer you hold down the shoot button, the more power it will have.  Hold it briefly for a looser shot or keep it held if you want to be more precise.

You can add a spin to your kick by using the right-stick right after you’ve aimed and started running.

Press the right button at the right moment of the shot and you’ll have more accuracy.

The Aim, Power and Timing mechanics of free kicks are shared by penalties which makes them much easier. You can change the position of the kick while running to the ball so you have more time to coordinate.

Overall, the new Free Kick and Penalties Systems allow for a more convenient experience than in the previous titles.