FIFA 20 For Nintendo Switch Is The New Victim Of Review Bombing On Metacritic

The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 20 is currently being the new victim of review bombing on Metacritic.

The review bombing is an organized practice by certain users in protest against certain judgments made by developers or publishers. It consists of reducing the score awarded by players as much as possible in score aggregators such as Metacritic and on platforms such as Steam.

You may remember that this was carried out with the Metro saga as a protest of the exclusivity of Metro Exodus with Epic Games Store, and also with Astral Chain and Fire Emblem: Three Houses for being exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

In the case of FIFA 20, users protest the lack of new inventions and updates in the Switch version with respect to FIFA 19.

Electronic Arts has offered a new version of the game that updates the signings of each team, their equipment, the music of the menus, the menus themselves, and other minor changes. It has not included Volta mode or other new innovations currently present on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

At the time of writing this article, FIFA 20 for the Nintendo Switch has an extremely low user score of 1.2 out of 10 on Metacritic. This is all based on a total of 301 reviews. There are 120 negative reviews, 5 positive and 2 mixed.

Some of the comments that can be read call Electronic Arts “lazy” and “abusive” to Nintendo Switch players. They even ask that Konami take its Pro Evolution Soccer saga to the hybrid console. Unfortunately, the Japanese company has no plans for this.

Here are some review statements made by users on Metacritic:

Its a game if you want to play. That’s the only thing it has going for it. You can call this game fifa 16 oh sorry its fifa 17 oh sorry its fifa 18 oh sorry its fifa 19. the verdict of this game is that don’t buy this crap.

An absolute disgrace to re-release what was already an outdated, poor quality game. Unbelievable that they have the nerve to charge the price of a full title. EA, you suck.

EA continues to ignore feedback, make the same game again & again with minor changes and gives us unfinished games every year it has to stop.

As for the critics review score, on Metacritic you can see an average of 44 out of 100. However, this is not representative because only four specialized media publications have published an analysis of the game.

Recently, some of the players who are already playing FIFA 20 have complained about an unusual error that makes the game reduce their difficulty significantly.

Specifically, the error focuses on the career mode of FIFA 20 and makes the managers of the opposing team choose bad decisions. At the moment, the problem seems to be affecting only the career mode, but since it is a central part of the game, it could be causing problems for millions of players.

An example to illustrate the error would be when players get ready to play against FC Barcelona, ​​for example, and the team is much weaker because it includes a variety of reserves and youth players not as prepared as the starters. That makes games much easier despite playing against a powerful team.

This error seems to happen even when the matches are played between two CPU teams, something that helps decide the results in the rest of the league. In addition to affecting each individual game, the problem will cause teams that are expected to be at the top of the Premier League, for example, can descend positions in a season.

The problem at hand may have arisen in FIFA 20 because of the changes that the developers have made in the game over the last few years in order to ensure that the game is realistic.

I remind you that FIFA 20 arrived on Nintendo Switch, PC (via Origin), PS4 and Xbox One on September 27.

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