FIFA 20 Finishing Tips – How to Time Shots, Shooting Styles

If you’re unable to finish your plays by landing accurately timed shots into the goal, all of that gameplay and passing techniques of yours which got the ball to the opponent’s goalposts will be put to waste. This FIFA 20 Guide will focus on giving you tips on how to finish your gameplay accurately whenever you’re trying to score a goal, which includes discussing all the types of shots that you can land to score a goal.

FIFA 20 Finishing Tips

For shooting, volley, or header, simply press the shoot button to perform a normal shot. You can successfully shoot a goal if you rightly position your normal shot. This can be shot from farther or nearer to the goal post.

Time Your Shot

Timing your shot is very important whenever you’re playing soccer; in your real-life, as well as in FIFA 20. If you’re unable to time your shot, you will not be able to score a goal.

Shooting from the right angles at the right time is what you’re going to have to practice thoroughly.

Although there’s a Timed Finishing mechanic built into the game which lets you time your shots perfectly. To use this, tap the shoot button twice. The accuracy of your shots will depend on the time between the two consecutive button-taps.

Time your second tap accurately with your first one, which means that you should definitely avoid tapping it too late or even too early, or else you will not be able to pull off your desired shot.


If you’re using the FIFA Trainer, there will be a bar over your player. To time your shot accurately, your second tap should occur when the bar’s slider hits the green color. If you time your shot perfectly, you’ll observe a prompt saying “Great Timing!”.

If your second tap is timed according to when your player’s head/foot is closer to making contact with the ball, you’re more likely to land a more accurate strike towards the goal.

Low Shot / Downward Header Shot

This is a low powered shot that has more chances to hit the back of the net since it causes the ball to travel closer to the ground. I advise you to use this whenever you in a one-vs-one situation with the goalkeeper.

Penalty: Chip Shot

This is a kick that makes the ball achieve a significant amount of height, allowing you to get the ball through a series of defenders or even the keeper, and since this is a lifted shot, it can provide you with a good chance to score a goal.

Penalty: Finesse Shot

This shot is a lot more accurate than powerful. These are curled shots that are taken using the inner side of the boot.

Flair Shot

This fancy shot has a lot more power than accuracy. The power comes in handy to beat the goalkeeper.

Free Kick: Driven Shot

This is a ground shot that is usually taken from a free-kick, it drives through the defenders’ wall while rolling on the ground towards the net.

Speed and Strength

A shoot’s two S’s can be controlled if you’re holding down on the shooting button. If you hold the button down for a longer duration, the kick will turn out to be more powerful.

On the contrary, if you release the button quickly, the kick will have less power in it. Although, your player’s reaction time will also depend on how long you press down on the button.

Trainer Mode

If you’re new to the game, I recommend that you use the trainer mode on and practice as much as you can. There are a few components to the Trainer Mode in FIFA 20.

Pass Receiver Indicator
Turning this on will allow you to see an indicated path whenever you’re passing the ball between your team players.

Shot Elevation
Turning this on will make an arrow appear whenever you’re about to shoot, the elevation of the arrow will indicate the elevation of the ball after the kick.

Timed Finishing Bar Indicator
Turning this on will show you a bar on top of your player’s head whenever you’re using timed shots. Whenever you see the slider over the red area, avoid pressing down on the button for the second time to time your shot.

Timing your shots whenever the slider is in the green area of the bar would result in an accurately timed shot.


Here’s a table of FIFA 20’s controls for all types of finishing kicks mentioned above:

Shoot PlayStation Controls Xbox Controls
Chip Shot L1 + ◯ LB + B
Finesse Shot R1 + ◯ RB + B
Flair Shot L2 + ◯ LT + B
Free Kick: Driven Shot L1 + ◯ LB + B
Low Shot / Downward Header Shot ◯ + Tap ◯ B + Tap B
Penalty: Chip Shot L1 + ◯ LB + B
Penalty: Finesse Shot R1 + ◯ RB + B
Shoot / Volley / Header B
Time Your Shot ◯ + ◯ [Timed] B + B [Timed]

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