FIFA 20 Fastest Players With the Highest Pace

One of the most important elements in the FIFA franchise is pace. The pace of your strikers and wingers can either make or break your match. FIFA 20 has a massive catalog of players, a lot of which possess an impressively high pace which means they are the fastest players around.

FIFA 20 Fastest Players

In this guide, we’ve gathered all the players with the highest pace rating (PAC in FIFA 20.

This list doesn’t just cover the most popular players, it also shines a light on players from lower leagues, as they have also some of the highest pace ratings in the game.

Kylian Mbappe – Paris Saint-Germain
Pace: 96 | Overall: 89
Kylian is in possession of the highest pace rating in the game. This comes as no shock, as he is arguably the greatest under-21 player in FIFA 20. For quite some time now, he has been one of the fastest football players to ever step on the pitch.

Adama Traoré – Wolves
Pace: 96 | Overall: 74
Adama’s pace matches Kylian’s; however, his overall rating is much lower. Hence, Kylian is considered the better player. Although Adama’s pace itself is undeniable, he is not as popular as some of the other players in this list, but he surely is one of the fastest.

Leroy Sané – Manchester City
Pace: 95 | Overall: 86
Not only is Leroy one of the fastest players in the game, with an incredible 95 pace, he is also a very well-balanced player with an overall rating of 86. In his last season, he performed very well for Manchester City, zooming through all the defenders.

Gelson Martins – AS Monaco
Pace: 95 | Overall: 82
Gelson’s pace is identical to Leroy’s, but his overall rating is a bit lower, which is why he lost the third spot to him. Despite never playing in the Premier League, Gelson is, hands-down, a world-class winger. At only 24 years old, he is one of the fastest players in the world – which is why he absolutely deserves a spot on this list.

Kensuke Nagai – FC Tokyo
Pace: 95 | Overall: 69
Despite an underwhelming overall rating, Kensuke is a very valuable player. With a pace of 95, you really can’t go wrong with him. He is considered to be the fastest player in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Arsenal
Pace: 94 | Overall: 88
Piere is an incredible player. Not only is his pace extremely high, but he also has great finishing and ball control. He is able to play as a wide forward or a striker. This allows you to switch up your playstyle with him, in order to pierce through your opponent’s defense.

Sadio Mané – Liverpool
Pace: 94 | Overall: 88
Sadio made an appearance on the 10-man shortlist for the Best FIFA Men’s Player award. Looking at his pace and other ratings, you can clearly see why. He has been tearing up the football world, scoring almost 50 goals for Liverpool, since 2016.

Douglas Costa – Piemonte Calcio
Pace: 94 | Overall: 84
Coupled with his amazing pace, Douglas has incredible dribbling and crossing. His shooting and passing stats are also decent, making him a very well-rounded winger.

That’s our list for the fastest players in FIFA 20. If we missed any players, do let us know!

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