FIFA 20 Crossing Tips – How to Master Crossing, Types of Crosses

This FIFA 20 Crossing Guide will show you how to properly make crosses. Even some veteran FIFA players are yet to master this skill. Crossing in FIFA 20 is a very important part and once you learn how to effectively cross, your skill level in the game will greatly increase.

FIFA 20 Crossing Tips

If you don’t know already, these are the types of crosses you can make in FIFA 20:

Cross Type Xbox PS4
Regular Cross X
Driven Lob Pass / Cross RB + X R1 + ▢
High Lob / Cross LB + X L1 + ▢
Low Cross X + X ▢ + ▢

Now, let’s talk about how to effectively use these crosses in FIFA 20. To perform these crosses in the game, you need to have some autonomy over the ball yourself, instead of just letting the computer do the work for you.

What you need to do is to turn on semi-assisted settings, which can be found in the controller settings category. These crosses can come into play if you face an attacker right in the middle.

Here, to dribble the ball across, you must double/triple tap cross then, play the ball right in front of the attacker. This will make for a simple tap in, as they will sprint onto the ball.

To perform this next cross, a player with early cross trait is necessary. In this scenario, you are about to cross from deep on the pitch. Here, hold L1/LB to perform the cross. How deep the cross goes is relative to how long you hold the combination.

If you are in and around the goal line, the best thing to do is to use the Driven Lob Pass as a cross. This move is very difficult to defend against.

These are the crucial Crossing Tips you must know to perform better on the field in FIFA 20. If you have any more tips, do let us know!

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