FIFA 20 Career Mode Guide

There are multiple new features in FIFA 20 such as Press Conferences, Player Chats & Morale, League specific themes and Dynamic Player Potential. All these new aspects aim to give the most realistic football experience ever. FIFA 20’s Career Mode is something that the experienced players want to get down with, pronto! But hold on, these new changes add complexity to the game.

FIFA 20 Career Mode

We compiled this Career Mode guide, which packs in tips and tricks that would get you an edge over others in the career mode.

Focus on the Objective
As a manager, there would be certain objectives outlined at the start of each season by the board. They range from financial goals to local/domestic successes. Work on these as they would greatly impact the Manager Popularity Rating.

Any high priority goal is what your performance would be most scrutinized most on. Most importantly do not lose sight of the long-term goals. These, as the name goes, cannot be done in a night. So, start working on them early on!

Search for the whiz kids
Younger players are what you can invest in when playing the career mode. That is if it is for more than just a one-time thing. The Youth Staff can be obtained from the Office menu.

Watch the players blossom into talented professionals. In case you are in a club that has its pockets full of cash, go for the Scouts with more experience and judgment. These would land you with awesome players.

However, if you are not that well off yet, you can still go for two-or-three lower-ranking Scouts.

Keep ‘em happy
Team morale is a new and interesting addition to FIFA 20. The morale system depends on Press Conferences and player discussions. This helps keep the team happy.

Other factors such as the time on the field, overall team performance, and individual performances would also contribute to player happiness in career mode.

This would, in turn, affect their attributes which can increase or decrease accordingly. Try to be a manager as close to reality, to keep your team’s spirits up and achieve the most possible.

Promote the upcoming stars
Instead of just going all out on finding younger players nurture the ones in your team. The dynamic player potential analyses different important match stats for each player in order to calculate a player’s potential.

It would also not affect loaning any players because it affects only the players currently at the club. Try to give these up and coming proteges fair chances to help them prove themselves.

Don’t be lazy
With FIFA 20 dropping, there are also many changes to the gameplay and controls. Free-kicks and penalty systems have been completely revamped.

Free-kicks have added controls such as spin. Your shots can be curved, dipped and knuckleballed with timed finishing to increase the probability of it landing in successfully.

As the competition increases over time, getting more fluent in these newer controls can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Keep the wheels rollin’
During a career mode season, when playing multiple titles, stamina becomes a major factor that affects you. This can have a considerable effect on your squad and you need to keep them in the best shape. To achieve this, try to keep your calendar clear of any successive competitions that might be congesting.

Furthermore, try to rotate your squad. Keep moving the players around, especially in the matches that may not be as important. Also, don’t hesitate to use Quick Sub liberally in such situations when a player gets tired.

In addition to all that try to train your squad whenever possible to keep them from slacking off. Try to look for players with release causes but be careful as sometimes some agents request these clauses for their players.

This puts the new signing at risk of leaving if someone matches their price. As a result, it’s worth negotiating out of this where possible.

Last but not least, try to get star players as well. Our list includes Fernandinho (CDM), Alex Sandro (LB), Sergio Ramos (CB), Keylor Navas (GK), Luka Modric (CM) and Edinson Cavani (ST).

Although there are many others as well that you may take a liking too, these are the players that have proven to be the best performers on for the most part in their designated positions.

Best of luck with your personal FIFA 20 Career!