FIFA 20 Attacking Guide – How to Score Goals, Longshots, Attacking Tips

There are moments when you are stuck and can’t score a goal while you are surrounded by defenders, this FIFA 20 Attacking Guide will walk you through some major tips and tricks to score against a defender in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Attacking Tips

This Attacking Guide will tell you the most optimal formation for scoring a ton of goals and how you can further optimize the attack of your team.

1. Recycling the Ball

First thing you should be informed about, is the complication of passing the defender. You can be in a spot which you didn’t plan to be in and the opponent can easily tackle you.

Recycling the ball helps in preventing the opponent from taking the ball from you, along with getting across the defender.

You can recycle the ball by turning back with it or simply performing a skill move back and passing it to your defensive midfielder; the midfielder who is near you on your right-side.

From there you can pass the ball to another midfielder and then to a Striker/Winger. When you see an opened player, pass the ball to him. In short, when you are in a dead position you have a chance in the center.

Therefore, you must quickly recycle the ball because when you take a lot of time, the opponent team gathers up in the center of the pitch and you are left with fewer chances to score a goal.

2. Utilize the Skill Moves

This is a very useful and simple method for scoring a goal. The moment you are in front of the defender, he can’t catch up to you – this is a major technique of FIFA 20.

Therefore, always make the defender think that you are going to cut inside but, in reality, you are not.

Just move in the goal line and when you see your player with an opening in the midfield of the penalty box, simply pass the ball to him and score a goal.

Fake the movement of your ball and perform a skill move or a ball roll to make the defender believe that you are going to cut inside.

3. Pass to Intermediate Player

This method can be performed by making your midfielder and central attacker sprint in the direction of the opponent’s goal, when done don’t pass the ball straight to him, pass the ball to an intermediate player.

By doing this process, your central attacker along with the midfielder have enough time to position themselves for the through ball behind adversary line.

Just keep in mind that the acceleration and sprint speed of the central attacker and midfielder must be high in order to score a goal and pass the line of the defender.

4. Mastering the Jockey Movement

Single defending is easy for a pro player but hard for beginners, if they don’t have the knowledge about the jockey movement.

Therefore, just pass the ball around the penalty box till the moment where only a single defender is left with your striker. Perform a heel-to-heel kick or a smart turn even a skill-move in order to score the goal.

Let us know if there are any more easy tips and tricks for scoring a goal in FIFA 20.

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