FIFA 19 Gets Massive Changes Already With Update 1.03, Pitch Notes Are Out

EA Sports has revealed the patch notes for update 1.03 of FIFA 19. This update covers a wide range of elements in the game most of which are fixes. Still, EA intends to bring game-changing upgrades to FIFA 19 gameplay with this.

EA released the complete patch notes of update 1.03 via FIFA Forums for players of FIFA 19. So dive right in and don’t miss out on anything because there are plenty of changes listed below:

The fixes and changes for FIFA 19 gameplay come first of all. Now, the Game Plans in the game have got some flexible options added to them. Along with that, glitches or unforeseen errors by in-game players were also dealt with.

Next up are the changes made on FUT which are at most concerned with visual issues rather than gameplay. As EA Sports wishes to keep changing FIFA Ultimate Team with passing the time they also keep track of past bugs. For instance, while fixing the issues in FUT, EA is changing its pattern as well.

Positions of players in Online Modes were also fixed with this update. Meanwhile, new Game Modes also got their share of fixes but as always nothing big got added to FIFA 19 career mode. The hardly ignored Kick-Off mode also got many of its issues addressed.

FIFA 19 traits like Chipped Penalty Kick were also given a look for adjustments. With minor changes to FIFA 19 audio settings and FIFA Trainer, we now come to a crucial element of the game. FIFA 19 visuals have got more than a few of its issues addressed in update 1.03. The list is quite lengthy but full patch notes have all the information you need to know on FIFA 19 visual fixes.


The bicycle nerf was also adjusted as per the Agility of the players in the update. Moreover, let’s see when EA decides to deal with the billion dollar glitch in career mode. Let’s hope developers give it the same attention as they did to an honest opinion of a player.

Furthermore, fans might get their prayers finally heard of seeing Usain Bolt in the game. FIFA 19 sales show that fans are going crazy over it with record-breaking launch sales.

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