FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Formations Guide – Best Fut Formations, Tips and Strategies

In our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Formations Guide, we will cover the 9 strongest formations in the game. We will cover at least one formation for each different type of playstyle. There are 30 formations in the game with inclusions of 5 new formations. We will also indicate main positions in the formation that need the best players in your stock. While this guide will only cover FUT Formations, these should also be quite suitable for seasons and offline play

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Formations

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, formations play a big part in your success. While casual players overlook this but a great formation will yield great benefits for you.

You will also want something to suit your playstyle and that can be tough for some.

If you are having issues adjusting to a formation, you should try to customize its tactics or give special orders to certain players of your liking to work efficiently.

Tactics tab will help you a lot in adjusting your lifestyle during the game without changing the formation and keeping the core intact.

3-5-2 Balanced

3-5-2 is one of the go-to formations for the players who like to play a balanced game. This formation provides cover in form of two Defensive Midfielders who are likely to block any attempt of a counter-attack.

This formation is beneficial for playing against someone who likes to press hard and play a high line. Players who like to dominate the game through short passes and likes to throw a long ball or a through ball occasionally.

Your forwards are usually waiting for those juicy passes to break the line of defense and get a scoring opportunity. One of the Major downsides of this formation is its ineffectiveness with fast wingers.

A blitzkrieg for either of the wings which if not covered by your LM/RM can absolutely destroy you in few seconds.

You will need the best of your players to be at LM/RM position who are both fast and have the reasonable strength to block the counter-attack.

4-1-2-1-2 / 4-1-2-1-2 (2) Balanced

The famous Diamond formation employed by many managers for many successful teams throughout the history of football.

With the emphasis on a defensive midfielder who is right in front of the center-backs means you will have an additional security in your defense.

These 2 formations are quite the same with a slight difference that in 4-1-2-1-2 you get 2 center-midfielders and in 4-1-2-1-2(2) you get an RM/LM.

Now in both the formations you will have your RB/LB to cover the flanks as your midfield is designed to operate as a unit in the center.

This formation is suitable for those who like to play in the Midfield. You will need a very good attacking midfielder or you may have problems going forward as this formation relies heavily on midfield and attack linkup.

One of the main issues you can face in this formation is someone with the same Mid-focused formation and having support for flanks as well. The likes 3-5-2 can easily overwhelm your team or force you to be more careful with your decisions.

This formation is not ideal for flashy counter attacks and most of the time you will be building your attacks slowly. You will need to have very reliant workhorses in the midfield for your formation to work.

4-2-2-2 Balanced

The last formation of 3 of the most balanced formations in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Formations. 4-2-2-2 provide both the width in attack and the composure in defense for people who like possession-based football.

In this formation, both of your CAM will have free-to-play movement and can be deployed either behind forwards or can provide width.

Your CAM will also be your priority as main players. Try to get players who are good at short passing and dribbling with a hint of pace in them.

It is ideal to not get too fast of a player at CAM position that can leave a gap and disrupt the flow of the game.

Although a great formation one of the major downsides of this formation is lack of counterattack ability as your flanks most of the time will be empty.

Most of the formation discounting some have enough people in the Midfield to stop the counter-attack with this formation.

4-2-4 Attack

This new formation is introduced in FIFA 19 and it will be one of the most destructive formations in the game. You will find 4 people right at your box and with few mistakes; you find yourself conceding more goals than you can recover from.

However, not everything is good, in this formation; you will need very high skilled Midfielders, as they will be required to move a lot between defense and attack.

If you cannot dribble in tight spaces, you will have problems in this, as it is tailor-made for those who are good at tight spaces with fewer players.

One of the major benefits of playing as this formation is you get a blistering fast attack. With one intercept, you can move the ball to the final four and have a chance at scoring a goal in a matter of seconds.

In this formation focus on having highly skilled Midfielders first as they will play the key role in your game.

Both RW and LW should have a decent pace to outrun the defenders on the flanks to create the space for either a through pass or a cross into the strikers.

4-2-3-1 (2) Counter-Attack

The classic formation used by many managers for the past two decades of football and can be tweaked to the maximum.

One of the best things about this formation is that it can be played with many different playstyles and it counters many common formations used by players online.

You will have cover in form of two defensive midfielders and one attacking midfielder providing the link between attack and defense. You will have amazing counter attack opportunities.

One of the downsides of this formation that players may find is the lack of numbers going forward. You at most times will have 4 people against possibly 6 of opposing team unless to build the attack from the back and engage you DM for Link-up play.

If you want to focus on the counter-attack, be sure to have fast-paced wingers with a decent dribble, as you will need to run past at least 2 of the opposing team players.

If you want to focus more centrally, you will have to get an experienced and high skilled CAM that also plays the high-line. CAM needs to have a good amount of Strength because it will have to go through bulky CDM.

4-3-3 (2) Counter-Attack

You can use this formation for wide play and a fast-paced attack and counter-attack. This formation emphasis on you being at least decent at through balls which will be the primary source of your link-up.

Important players for this formation will be your defensive midfielder. A DM with the ability to pass is ideal as you can a centrally compact midfield so you would ideally want to everyone to contribute in the attack.

A striker with good pace and strength to play in the Box as most of the time you will need to create your own chance. Your wingers are key to your success and they will provide most of the opportunities for your striker.

4-4-2 Long Balls

You can make this formation into like ‘a jack of all cards’ and make it work against any type of formation – if played right.

The formation primarily function is to cover for flanks and center. This formation is ideal for those who want to play long balls or crosses into the 6-yard area.

The benefit of this formation is you will have a very strong presence on your flanks to pull those crosses into the box.

Try to keep one of the two strikers as a target man and other for the link up play. Having one striker playing the target man role is necessary.

While this formation is overall beneficial, for it may get boring due to the linear nature of its playstyle unless it is heavily tweaked.

You may want to have strong Strikers for this formation to be a viable option especially in higher leagues where you face tough opposition.

5-2-1-2 Defensive

One of the most defensive formations in the game and require a lot of patience to form an attack. This formation requires a lot of focus on long balls as there is a lack of width to make any attack effective.

One of the main component that makes this formation so effective is it is ‘park the bus’ tactics famously employed by Jose Mourinho in his Chelsea days.

In this type of formation, you hold on and wait for your opponent to make any mistake that you can capitalize on.

One of the downsides of this formation is its limited avenues to attack. You at most times need your wingbacks to help in attack to have a meaningful chance of scoring.

Your CF will play the most vital role in the game and it needs to have a high-work rate or you will suffer from a lack of key passes.