FIFA 19 the Journey: Champions Walkthrough

Delve back into the personal story of Alex Hunter in FIFA 19 The Journey for one last time. Below we will discuss tips regarding the rating system, how to tackle different challenges, and finally the rewards which you will be receiving from them.

FIFA 19 The Journey

Thanks to the newly introduced Champions League mode in the game, players will be able to experience the iconic UEFA Champions League anthem, play across all the famous European stadiums, and against the teams themselves with a cast of characters that you can share the journey with.

In this campaign, you can play from one of the three different perspectives Alex Hunter, his sister Kim Hunter, and his longtime friend Danny Williams.

Of course, all are optional and you can freely swap between the characters’ journeys whenever you like but for the best possible experience, as the developers have intended, go for the path as recommended or prompted by the campaign mode itself.

Taking Care of Things on the Pitch

Although it might look and feel a little more realistic to play only as the player you are responsible for instead of controlling the entire team, it may not yield the best results.

Sure, you can still command your teammates on what to do including asking for passes, making a run forward, etc.; you are more likely to perform better if you had control of the entire team and you could freely switch between any player on the pitch.

Because let us face it, at the end of the day it is all about the performance report, how it reflects with the manager of the team who will decide to include you in the starting eleven squad for subsequent matches or not.

You can get a good score if you create opportunities for goals on the pitch, score goals, or just complete the set of objectives that you can view before playing each match.

Of course, it is not all about what happens on the pitch, the outside world matters a lot to the personality, and the progression of your character as well.

Performing Well Off-Pitch

Engaging passionately in the Training Mode and giving it all your bet in the drills will award you with skill points which contribute to the overall attribute or rating of your character.

This will ensure that you are always performing well on the pitch and has a direct impact on the manager who decides his first team based on the performance in these Training Drills.

Even when the lives of these characters are not revolving around football, there is a lot that plays some role in how they progress and how you, as the player, may benefit or come short of the ultimate goal.

As with the previous entries, there is a dialogue system in conversations that are based on three personality traits, each with their own consequences.

The first manner of giving the answers for each character includes Fiery for Alex, Showman for Danny and Brash for Kim.

Going for this approach, you will earn more fame from the fans and the media but it comes at some drawbacks when it comes to the manager’s side who will not feel so sympathetic with you.

The opposite tone or manner to the previous one is Cool for Alex, Swagger for Danny, and Nerdy for Kim.

This will ensure that you appear bright and hard working in the manager’s eyes but it would mean that you would not be the show-off type so you are not exactly keen of appearing on the camera or earning many fans.

Your third and final approach could be to keep both sides balanced so that you are not leaning heavily on either side. You get the opportunity to make it to the manager’s top 11 but at the same time, you are decent enough among the fans.

Chapter #1 – Danny Williams Choices

  • Your first choice will be to choose which club you go onto play as Danny Williams. This will be really your choice, and no matter what club you choose, there’s no difference.
  • When you’ll become quite famous, you’ll have the chance to do an advertisement for Radio or you could be a bit showy and perform a photoshoot instead. Again, no real difference in the outcome.

Chapter #1 – Alex Hunter Choices

  • Again, the first choice with this character will be to go for a club out of three potential ones: PSG, Bayern Munich or Athletico Madrid. No difference in outcome whatsoever.

Chapter #2 – Alex Hunter Choices

  • Beginning this chapter, you can choose from one of two Mentor Groups, which are basically playstyles offering a set of two different attributes and stats. Anton’s group will focus on the crossing, strikes from long distances, control and composure, and especially finishing prolifically in the net. On the other hand, Jo’s group will let you get better at sliding tackles, your movement including sprinting, body strength, and finally the vision with which you can create opportunities.
  • When it comes to your apparel and sporting clothes range, you’ll need to select a brand out of two. Either go with your Mother’s one or Beatriz’s design. Both are cosmetic items, so choose either as it won’t matter.

Rewards for Completing the Objectives

At the end of each chapter, each of the three characters you have played with will earn rewards that go into their progression and stats for the next chapter. You can find the list of rewards listed below:

Chapter #1

  • Win the Pre-Season Tour Final With Alex or Danny for an Addition of 10,000 Followers to Your Fanbase
  • Achieve an Average Match Rating of 7.5 or More With Danny on the Pre-Season Tour for Acquiring New Skill Moves
  • Achieve a Grade of B or Better in Each of Kim’s Basic Training Drills for an Addition of 5,000 Followers to Her Fanbase

Your final rewards will be the inclusion of Jim Hunter in the Ultimate Team and the football which he netted into for the goal for the 100th time.

Chapter #2
These rewards are divided according to the characters as each one has their own set of objectives for the chapter.

Alex Hunter

  • Choose a Design for the Hunter Brand to Earn the Title of ‘Crowd Favorite’
  • Successfully Complete a Mentor Challenge for Addition of 5,000 Followers to Your Fanbase.
  • Finish Top of the Group During the UEFA Champions League Group Stage for Addition of 10,000 Followers to the Fanbase.

Kim Hunter

  • Score a Goal in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Debut for Addition of 5,000 Followers to the Fanbase.
  • Win the North American Continental Qualifier Against Canada to Earn the Title of ‘Crowd Favorite.
  • Qualify for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Knockout Stages for an Addition of 10,000 Followers to the Fanbase.

Danny Williams

  • Show Up to Every Practice. Do Not Simulate Training. Your Reward Will Be the Title ‘Crowd Favorite’.
  • Score a Goal in Both UEFA Champions League Group Stage Matches Against PSG to Earn an Additional 5,000 Followers
  • Earn at Least 6pts From the First 3 Premier League Matches for an Additional 10,000 Followers.

Your final reward for Chapter 2, if you manage to complete the stories of all these three characters, will be an Ultimate Team loan player card.

Saved Data

Don’t worry about your previously saved data and stats as they will be transferred from FIFA17 to the new version so you can keep your customizations. If you don’t import your progress, references to the past will be made automatically by the game itself.

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