FIFA 19 Passing Guide – One-Touch Pass, Driven Passes, Crossing, Through Balls

Although passing may seem as simple to you as pressing a button on your controller, there is a lot more depth to it than it seems and our FIFA 19 Passing Guide will acquaint you with many new features that will be to your benefit in the game.

Our FIFA 19 Passing Guide will give you tips and tricks on how to utilize the passing mechanic of the game to the maximum and run rings around your opposition using it.

FIFA 19 Passing

Here are some of the things that you can do in order to massively improve your passing. It is best to try this against Legendary Defending opponents before you go online and try these tactics on the online players.

Let us go ahead and look at minor things that will have a massive impact on the way you move the ball between the players.

One-Touch Passing to Beat Them All

The one-touch pass is by far one of the simplest and the most effective ways to become better at the game. This technique will allow you to beat any opposition if you do it correctly and effectively.

This is not a technique that is new and has been very good for the last few years’ iterations of the game. There is no need to power up the pass and you can simply tap the ‘X’ or ‘A’ button to perform the pass.

One Two Passes

These passes are also a great way to run past defenders and score goals. If you have a striker or a winger who is much faster than the enemy’s defense, then it is best for you to perform this move.

Simply tap the pass button while holding L1 or LB and the passer will make a run forward, allowing you to send a pass or a through ball forward and splitting apart defenses if you do not screw up the timing.

Driven Passes

This is also not a technique that is new but can be very effective. Driven passes are especially great for when you want to build counter attacks.

All you need to do is to hold down RB or R1 when you press the pass button and you will perform the driven pass. This pass is very powerful and there is a very low chance that an enemy will interrupt this pass.

You can also use this pass for when you want to accurately get the ball from the wings to the center and your player is not marked.

Cross When the Body Position Is Right, Not the Left Stick

This is something that new players do not understand. When you are crossing, just make sure that your player is able to perform the natural swinging motion that goes along with crossing correctly.

Nothing else is required, as you will not be changing many things using your Left Stick aim. Apart from that, just make sure there is a free receiver to receive your cross and you are good to go.

Through Balls Are Still the King

This is something that has been consistent in FIFA games for a long time. By far the most offensive and the most fun pass in the game is the through ball.

You can press L1 or LB in order to chip the ball when you send it past one of your players.

Try to put in as many through balls as you possibly can as long as there is a good reason for doing so and you will notice how easy it is for Strikers and Attacking Midfielders to sprint past the enemy defenders.

After that, it is as simple as putting the ball into the net.

That is all we have for our FIFA 19 Passing Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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