FIFA 19 New Dynamic Tactics Shown In The Latest Trailer, Highly Customisable Gameplans

FIFA 19 is going to be the biggest EA Sports FIFA game ever in the series and with the inclusion of so many new features, we can’t really doubt it all. EA Sports have released two new game trailers for the game showing us the new dynamic tactics, new active touch system in the game along with a detailed gameplay of Manchester City.

FIFA 19 features an all-new active touch system which is going to change the way you play according to EA Sports. Every move we make in the game will have a more natural feel than ever.

You will also be able to witness dynamic tactics in the game for the first time informed by tactical masterminds like Pep Guardiola and more. Get in touch with latest highly customizable gameplans, each including formations, instructions, roles and defensive styles of attacking or defending.

You will be able to change your gameplan with just a click of your D-pad which makes it incredibly easy for you to do the unexpected and outsmart your opponents.

The possibilities are endless and its definitely the most customizable FIFA game ever. Do check out the trailer below to see the changes in detail.

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