FIFA 19 FUTMAS Promotional Message on Switch Wasn’t Intended, EA Confirms

FIFA 19 launch sales have broken records on platforms like Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Though the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 19 is very limited as compared to others. Last week, FIFA 19 players on Nintendo Switch got very excited when they received a message about a Christmas promotion but unfortunately, it was nothing more than a message as confirmed by EA.

FIFA 19 players on Switch were greeted with a FUTMAS promotion message for Ultimate Team. This FUTMAS promotion for Ultimate Team was originally announced by EA but without any mention of if it’s coming to Nintendo Switch or not.

This FUTMAS feature in FIFA 19 brings squad building challenges (SBCs), prime icon (SBCs), themed FUTMAS SBCs along with themed daily and weekly objectives, new players and new kits. This a big addition of content to the game and which is why it meant a lot to FIFA and Football fans.

Now it was noticed later that the announcement mentioned at the end in a small note that these FUTMAS SBCs, daily and weekly challenges will not be available on Nintendo Switch. But that’s not it, the most disappointing and stupid thing was that Nintendo of America Twitter official account tweeted that Nintendo Switch owners can now “huge pack promotions and exclusive themed kits during this festive period” through this FUTMAS promotion in FIFA 19. But it never happened.

Finally, now an EA community manager has confirmed that FUTMAS Squad Building Challenge (SBC) on Nintendo Switch is not the same as other platforms. He mentioned that there won’t be any Advent Player SBCs on Nintendo Switch which is something you wouldn’t want to hear.

It looks as though the messaging that was showing on your [Switch] console wasn’t intended. We’re now working to have it removed (if it wasn’t already). There won’t be Advent Player SBCs on Nintendo Switch. I know this isn’t the news you wanted but wanted to let you know as soon as possible.

Now, this confirmation came late which is why the community is very angry at EA and Nintendo for advertising something that wasn’t true.

Below are some of the response by the commmunity:

See I told you… FIFA on Switch is a train wreck… here we have Nintendo’s official account promoting Futmas … while the SBC’s aren’t in the game and the Futmas cards aren’t even in our concepts database… and we will get no official explanation from anyone, said Steven.

This clearly qualifies as a fraud, because you are advertising about something that does not exist and directing users to buy this half-baked game for full price as other consoles. It’s beyond my understanding, because it’s a clear case of misleading a player, said Biraj.

So it’s clear that if you play FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch then you are not going to get Advent Player SBCs. To do that you better play the full version on consoles which also happens to be filled with more content as compared to the one on Switch.

Other than that, FIFA 19 is the fastest selling game of the year in the UK and it also had the best launch in the series.

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