FIFA 19 FUT Bundesliga Squad Builds for Beginners and Competitive

In this FIFA 19 Guide, we have provided a few FIFA 19 FUT German Bundesliga Squads Guide which will help you in making your journey a tad easier. We have outlined 3 squads; one squad compromises of some very cheap players under 30k to kick-start your journey, second is a bit competitive that costs under 100k, final one comprises of the Elites of German Bundesliga.

FIFA 19 FUT German Bundesliga Squad Build

Germany’s golden generation just ended with this World Cup with what was one of the most disappointing performance Germans ever saw in the World Cup history.

Everything is not bad for Germans though as Bundesliga has seen steady growth in the past years. There are also many foreign players playing in the Bundesliga along with a large pool of Germans and its neighbors.

One of the most important things I noticed in the Bundesliga is the lack of strength in many of the players, epically in the Midfield.

There are a very few beasts box-to-box midfielders in the league which can be an issue when defending against a balanced team.

Low Budget Squad

As mentioned above, due to a lack of budget best players in the Bundesliga, I have decided to go with a more defensive approach than it is suited for a German team.


FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Bundesliga Cheap Squad

We will be using 3-5-2 formation in this squad. A clustered Midfield will be better in this scenario. We will have enough pace and dribble to make this squad work against a more physical squad.

As EA has continued to make Strength the most important aspect of the game along with pace.

This squad may not be geared toward someone who likes to play one-touch passing, it is suited for players who like to play slow and throw an occasional long ball or a thought pass.

Competitive Squad

We will be going for a classic 4-4-1-1 that will make build-up play easier. There is a lot of pace on the flanks. I have decided to use Pulisic again due to him being insanely cheap as well quite good going forward.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Bundesliga Competitive Squad

I really liked the cheap defenders that are available in German Bundesliga comparatively to other leagues. This squad will have a solid backline.

One of the issues in the Bundesliga is the lack on Wingbacks in the league you may find some decent RBs but there is hardly any LB that can be an issue unless you can get your hands on Alaba from Bayern.

It may be better to swap Werner and Muller around to have a better impact going forward.

Elite Squad

This will be the best squad to get in the FIFA 19 FUT German Bundesliga and will cost an insane amount of coins. As you can see, it’s pretty much made of Bayern Munich’s starting eleven with Rues being the only non-Bayern player.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Bundesliga Elite Squad

Quite an aggressive formation in a proper German fashion. There is no cover for the defensive as CMs will be heavily involved in the attack unless played differently from Tactics Menu. Pretty solid defense – probably one of the best in the game.

You may find the right side of the attack bit slower than the left as Robben may have been faster in previous games but now his pace is not so great rest is good.

This is all we have in our in our FIFA 19 FUT German Bundesliga Squads Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!