FIFA 19 Dribbling Guide

Dribbling is something that sees both major and minor changes through each iteration of the game. Our FIFA 19 Dribbling Guide will ensure you are up to date on all of the changes that have come about as a part of the game as far as moving the ball around is concerned.

FIFA 19 Dribbling

Even though dribbling still does the work the same way as it did in FIFA 18 for the most part, a few tricks are much better and will be very beneficial for you in the new game.

Let us go ahead and see how you can use all of them to tear apart opposition defenses.

Effectively Using Close Control

Using the L1 or the LB button can be a life changer when you are trying to enter the box. This mechanic allows you to keep the ball at your feet and thus make passes and through balls which are much more accurate than they would be otherwise.

On top of that, you can use this button to shield yourself from the opponent players that come at you.

This mechanic may not always be the right choice but you can use this to make sure your players have a chance to move up the field and then point the ball to them in a bid to score.

Mastering the Heavy Touch

On an opposite note to the close control we discussed above, you can sometimes use the full pace of your winger or striker to run past the defenders and if they are not fast enough, then there is nothing they can do to stop you.

The best way to do this is to ensure that your spring button is pressed hard and then tap the right stick in the direction that you are planning to take a touch.

The player will automatically sprint to the ball and beat the defenders if he has the required pace.


This is a very easy 2-star skill that you can use to cruise past defenders. This is very effective against sliding tackles and player charges.

Simply hold the right stick to your player’s left or right side and he will perform a direction change which will allow you to get past players who are unaware of what you can do on the ball.

Fake Passes

The fake pass is like a fake shot but much more convincing as you can do this move wherever you want to. Press square/A and then X to perform this move and leave your opponent behind in the dust.

Of course, your timing needs to be spot on for this manoeuver to work so make sure you practice it a fair bit before you attempt this in an important match.

The Rainbow Flick

One of the most famous and opponent bewildering skills is the Rainbow Flick. It allows you to get past even more than one defended in a single maneuver.

All you have to do is to stop sprinting first, and then drag the right stick opposite to the direction in which you were moving.

Quickly drag the stick in your moving direction then two times. The ball will be lofted over the defenders while staying under your command and you will get it back once you cross the defenders.

The skill has to be mastered because if you do not flick the right stick two times properly, the move will be attempted but will fail – resulting in losing the possession of the ball

Understanding your Limits

Once you learn a few dribbling moves, you may be tempted to use them in every single situation. Remember that this is not the best course of action that you can take and in certain situations, simply passing the ball will be a better idea.

It is also important to remember that passing the ball will be a much more viable tactic if you are playing against an opposition that is better than you are, as you will be more vulnerable in the one-on-one battles and will lose out more often than you win.

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