FIFA 19 Cross Play Would Be A Net Benefit To All Players, But First-Party Concerns Prevent It

It’s a well-known problem by now that while both Microsoft and Nintendo, along with many developers, are ready to institute cross-platform play, circumstances are keeping it from happening. This includes FIFA 19 cross play, where once again first-party concerns are keeping the game from being able to play no matter what platform.

FIFA 19 doesn’t allow you to keep your progress across multiple consoles, and this causes a number of difficulties with it. Players can’t track their FIFA Ultimate Team progress across Xbox One and PC, and the offline FIFA Ultimate Team marketplace isn’t cross platform either. EA Sports has looked into FIFA 19 cross play, but so far it seems like nothing’s come of it, mainly due to first-party issues.

Most of the blame for this issue is because of Sony. The company has said that it refuses to allow cross-platform play on its games due to wanting to protect the younger members of its audience, a concern that Microsoft isn’t bothered by as it allows crossplay for both the Xbox One and PC. Nintendo is also getting into it, as the Switch allows cross platform play for Fortnite with the Xbox One, iOS, and PC.

However, Sony refuses to allow cross-platform play with Fortnite in any capacity, which has gotten a lot of fans up in arms due to them losing all of their progress if they want to download the game onto the Playstation 4.

FIFA 19 cross play is in a similar boat, as not only will players’ progress be in jeopardy without the ability to transfer their progress to another console, but it will also mean that less players can play together, especially if they’re limited to just one console. If the Nintendo Switch is also able to play FIFA with the Xbox One and PC, two of the platforms that FIFA normally is released on, then the Playstation will be left out in the lurch.

FIFA 19 will be coming out on September 28 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.