FIFA 19 Corner Kicks Guide

Corner Kicks are not really something that can be used to score goals with consistency anymore in FIFA games. However, there are still some things that you can do to have a better chance of scoring and our FIFA 19 Corner Kicks Guide will acquaint you with all of those methods.

FIFA 19 Corner Kicks

There are essentially 2 main ways that you can score goals more often in the corners. One of them revolves around taking direct corner kicks and the other one is more about the speed of the ball.

It is really hard to score goals if you simply float the ball in as the speed of the resulting header will not be fast enough for you to have a chance to score anyway.

Direct Corner Kick Goals

This one is not that difficult. However, there is still an element of chance to this kick and you might end up failing.

All you need to do is to aim the reticule of the corner to the far post and then use full power before putting on curve in the direction of the goal.

Remember that you need a player which has a really good Curve Statistic or the ball may not end up in the goal.

Driven near Post Corner Kicks

This is something that has been used by players in FIFA for a long time. What this relies on is the fact that the ball is already in a speed that is enough for it to go past the goalkeeper without him having any time to react.

In order to perform this corner kick, what you need to do is to carry the target to somewhere around the near post. Make sure it is still away from the line of the corner may end up going out of the ground.

Once you are aiming at the player who is at your near post, what you need to do is to power the corner right up to full and then be ready to head or volley the ball into the net when it is close.

It doesn’t matter if we do the corner kick from the left or from the right, the result is similar in the moment you get a corner kick press and hold R1 on your PlayStation controller or RB on your Xbox One controller, so in the moment the corner kick motion starts, you will have a second player at the corner kick.

This strategy is very difficult to counter and you should be able to score quite a bit more than you would using any other method when using this technique.

Just make sure that the corner is aimed at a player close to the near post and has the absolute maximum amount of power that you can give.

This technique gives you time to move the selected player in the penalty box, thus you will be able to fool the defender and get in a perfect position to.

Afterward, win the header. Always try to get in front of the defender even if that means that you go a bit outside of the goal area and that angle is very bad as long as you are in front of the defender.

Press again the crossing button, the cross will live and then bang, you will be able to do this extremely easy and effective corner kick.

You’re going to win the header, you’re gonna do a volley, you’re going to do a bicycle kick so many options, just remember move the left analog when you are doing the headed towards the goal.

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