FIFA 19 Chelsea Player Ratings Revealed Before Release, Hazard And Kante Boosted

You might be somewhat disappointed in the FIFA 19 Chelsea player ratings if you’re a fan of that squad, especially since those ratings have apparently been leaked. While players such as Eden Hazard and N’Golo Kante have had their ratings boosted, the rest of the team isn’t looking so hot.

Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United have already had their own player ratings leaked, allowing FIFA 19 fans to be able to see how their players will compare to others in the games. However, the FIFA 19 Chelsea player ratings might disappoint you if you were possibly hoping to build a team from some of them.

Eden Hazard, with his boost from last year’s performance, claims the top spot on the team with a 91. However, he’s the only player that has a rating that high. Even the next-highest person on the team, Kante, is two points below him with 89.

The rest of the team only gets worse as you go down the list, no one but Hazard being able to break into the 90s. And that’s not even getting into the bottom player, Ethan Ampadu, who scored a frankly abysmal 63, five points under the next-lowest man, Callum Hudson-Odoi who scored a 68.

All of these FIFA 19 Chelsea player ratings combine into the thought that the game likely won’t do well if you pick them for anything in the actual game, especially when nearly half of them drop below 80 and two drop below 70. While the FIFA Ultimate Team mode will likely allow you to pick up Hazard and Kante for your team individually, you might have difficulty playing through the game’s career mode with Chelsea.

There’s always the possibility that Chelsea might be better than its numbers will predict, but until you can find out for yourself you can look forward to FIFA 19 coming to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 28, along with legacy console versions.