FIFA 18 Update Brings Improvements to Goalkeeper and Shooting

FIFA 18 update is now out so players can finally get an improved experience. The update fixes issues with goalkeeping and shooting. The update tunes goalkeeper reactions in some situations as well as bring down the difficulty of amateur and semi-pro modes.

One of the major issues players have reported in the past few days is easy goalscoring. The goalkeeper is easy to go past compared to last year’s game. Quick passing is very effective in FIFA 18 and shooting was mostly on point. However, the new FIFA 18 update should raise the bar a little to make it more of a challenge to score.

  • Tuned goalkeeper reactions in certain situations.
  • Tuned down the difficulty for Amateur and Semi-Pro difficulties.
  • Reduced shot accuracy and slightly increased goalkeeper reaction times in certain in-game situations.

FIFA 18 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms. The game returns with a single player mode and many gameplay improvements. EA is using  “Real Motion Technology” brings frame-by-frame animation movement thanks to detailed motion capture. Using subtle maneuvering to go past the defenders is fluid which makes a difference on the field.

This combined with FIFA 17’s player physics creates an authentic football experience in FIFA 18. FIFA has suffered from players being caught in animations that affect the flow of a match.

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