FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide – Team Building Tips, Market Dynamics, Challenges, How to Get Started

In this FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide, we will share some tips and tricks with you for playing the FUT in FIFA 18. FIFA 18 is now out and FIFA Ultimate Team makes a comeback better than ever with more game modes, legendary players, and player card packs.

We have curated this FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide so you can easily get to know about FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode. We will help you build your dream team with our FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide.

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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide details everything you need to know about building your Ultimate Team in FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide

Play All Extra Challenges

FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team has a lot of new challenges that you can now complete for rewards. FUT now has daily and weekly challenges along with a totally new challenge mode by the name of Squad Battles. The daily and weekly challenges are simple and quick challenges that you can complete while playing different football matches easily.

Completing these challenges will earn you a reward such as coins and mini packs. Play the game daily and complete these easy challenges to win the rewards daily. Complete the weekly challenges to earn even more rewards.


Along with these daily and weekly challenges, FIFA 18 also has Squad Building challenges. These challenges not only teach you a lot about building squads and forming a good chemistry between them but you also get a reward for completing these challenges.

Play these challenges, get to know more about different important elements of the game and earn rewards as well. The new addition here is that these rewards are now tradable so play t further increases their value.

A new challenge added in FIFA 18 is the Squad Battle challenge. These are four challenges for you to complete and earn rewards every day. They are changed after 24 hours so every day you get four battles that you can play for rewards. The best thing about these battles is that they can be played again and again so each time you try for a new high score.

However, you might want to play these challenges on a lower difficulty because the teams you will be facing here will have high chemistry and best players.

Understand Market Dynamics

The FUT market is a lively place and you will be spending quite a lot of time here whether buying or selling player cards or simply drooling over epic player cards. You can use either use coins to buy the player cards you need or use the Football Club Credits you have been collecting over the many FIFA games from the previous years.

Player prices will be relatively high when the game is close to the launch date because everyone will be looking to buy good and legendary players. You should avoid buying of players right at the start.

Start with some good loan players as they come really cheap and can really help you get started on your Ultimate Team journey. To save some coins, getting players on loan is a very good idea.

Avoid the Icons at all costs, because everyone will be clicking on them, further increasing their value. Try your luck out with reward car packs or sticking to challenge card packs. Some will give you really nice players.

Your Football Club Credits will really come in handy during your early days of Ultimate Team. You can get some really awesome players on cheap rent options for a certain number of matches. Anyone selling these icons on the Auction House will also have

Also, stick with the cards you have even if they are low-rated bronze cards. You might earn some quick money by selling the extra gold cards you have but you should keep them because, in the long run, they will come in real handy.

You can choose to exchange these players once you have 11 with a player pack, which contain good rewards. Avoid getting greedy with the cards. If the card you need is too expensive at the moment, try looking for alternatives.

Use the Extra FIFA 18 Media Sources

FIFA 18 has multiple Media Sources that are beneficial for giving you good insights about building a better team. FIFA 18 has a Champions Channel and it also has an app. The channel is always playing the videos of the best players from around the globe.

You can watch these videos and get an idea of where you want your team to be. Watch people play the Ultimate Team with their custom teams, formations, tactics, and learn from them.

You should also download the FIFA 18 companion app on your smartphone. This will give you information about your Ultimate Team on the go. You can visit the auction house, see your team, show it to other and accept some of the challenges using this app. This App will also keep you updated regarding what is happening in the world of Ultimate Team.

Building a Team

There certain aspects that you must keep in mind when you are building your Ultimate Team. At the start, it is highly recommended that you keep your hand to yourself and do not bid on expensive legend players. Use your currency to rent out some good players and start grinding the mode for more gold coins.

Apart from this, another thing you must keep in mind is the chemistry between your team. This is very important for your team. Each player should be complimenting each other and they should compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

Having a good chemistry in your team will greatly increase your chances of winning more and more challenges and games. You should be building up your team considering the chemistry of your team and not just by best players.

Choose “Concept Squad” and you will get an opportunity to build the team of your dreams without any expense. Choose a formation and players for each position. This will help you determine the chemistry of your team.

This is a great way of experiencing an Ultimate Team without spending any money on players yet. Once you are satisfied with a team, lock it down and start working on obtaining all your required player cards.

This concludes our FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Beginners Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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