FIFA 18 The Journey Walkthrough Guide – Best Choices, Objectives, and Rewards

This FIFA 18 The Journey Walkthrough Guide will tell you how to sail through the mode and unlock all of the rewards that go along with it for your Ultimate Team.

The new and updated Journey mode in FIFA 18 is lengthier than before and is much better in terms of production quality along with amazing enhancements for quality of life improvements.

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FIFA 18 The Journey Walkthrough Guide

In our FIFA 18 The Journey: Hunter Returns Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about all the choices, objectives, and rewards.

FIFA 18 The Journey Walkthrough

You start off with a few tutorials on how to play the game and do some neat tricks in a street game on a court in Rio de Janeiro. The main purpose in this game is for you to outscore your opponent.

The controls are almost exactly the same as they are on outfield football and you will have a few minutes to outscore your opponents before moving on to the next part of the game. The best way to beat them is to keep your distance and shoot as soon as the net opens up.

Like the last games, you will have the chance to answer questions in a balanced, cool and fiery mode and they will determine how you behave on and off the pitch. You also have the ability to unlock different looks and clothes depending on your performance and whether you are able to complete objectives in the game or not.

The first major decision that you will make is whether you will practice by performing various drills or go straight into a practice match. Decide what you want based on how good you think you are.

After completing the training, you can change your Attire, Traits, and Attributes before you move on to the next segment. You will unlock more skill points to distribute as you move forward and complete various different objectives through the course of the game.

You have the choice to be balanced, cool or fiery during the interview that follows the session. You also have the choice to play as either just Alex or the entire team when you face Real Madrid.

If you beat them, you move on to the final to face LA Galaxy. Now you will be asked to join Real Madrid and will have the option to go the fiery route by saying if they can afford you or cool by asking him to join your team. Lastly, you can go the balanced route by thanking him for the offer.

The next training session will determine how many skill points you unlock. If you beat LA Galaxy, you will be given the pre-season tour championship. The cinematic that follows will make your deadbeat dad return, after which you will move to Chicago for another training session. If you do well in this session then you will move up to a starting position on the roster.

The next match will be against MLS in Chicago. If you complete the additional objectives, you will get bonus points. Get a match rating of 8.0 or higher to unlock skill moves. You will also gain 10000 follows if you take at least 10 shots on the pre-season pro tour.

The first match of the Premier League is against Arsenal. You have the objectives to score a goal and to earn at least 6 points from the first 3 Premier League matches. Doing this will make you advance through the season with an extra win. At this point, you might also be given a chance to join Real Madrid by Michael.

After this, you have to do more training and some precision dribbling in which you will have to move through cones and arrows as indicated on the screen. The match after that will require you to play well as you start after the half down by 3. You must score big with Alex to impress the boss and prove your worth to him.

FIFA 18 The Journey Walkthrough – Objectives and Rewards

Chapter 1
As you know, the objectives for you are to Get a Match Rating of 8.0+ in the 11v11 training match, take at least 10 shots on target while on the pre-season tour and to win the pre-season tournament. The rewards for completing the objectives are 1x Real Madrid Loan player card and 1x MLS Loan Player Card.

Chapter 2
The objectives are to score a goal in the first Premier League match of the season, raise your value to 10,000,000 and to earn 6 points from the first 3 League games. The reward is a Rio Ferdinand Loan Card.

Chapter 3
The objectives are to either win or draw the USWNT match with Kim, change your hairstyle and get LA Galaxy into MLS Cup Playoffs. The reward is a Gyasi Zardes Loan Card.

Chapter 4
The objectives are to play every practice session, score 5 goals and win the MLS Cup. The reward is a Thiery Henry loan Card.

Chapter 5
The objectives are to make starting 11 of a premier league match with Danny, assist a goal scored by Griezmann and win the EFL Cup with Danny. The reward is a Danny Williams Card.

Chapter 6
The objectives are to achieve maximum partnership rating with your strike partner, assist six goals to your strike partner and win silverware. The rewards are an Alex Hunter Card, an Antoine Greizmann Loan Card, Thomas Mullet Loan Card, and a Dele Alli Loan Card.

That is all we have for our FIFA 18 The Journey Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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