FIFA 18 Scoring Guide – How to Score Goals, Score Longshots, Tips

No matter how good you are at defense or any of the various other aspects of FIFA, you need to be able to score to win the games. This FIFA 18 Scoring Guide will tell you the most optimal formation for scoring a ton of goals and how you can further optimize the attack of your team. Read on to find out what is the best way to shoot, pass to goal and a plethora of other stuff which can be useful in front of goals.

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FIFA 18 Scoring Guide

It is best to remember that the best formation for scoring is the 4-3-3 Attack formation. Apart from this, it is best to use a squad with pace as it will make up for deficiencies elsewhere. Put your best finisher in the middle of the front 3 and have good passers in the midfield. It is also worthwhile to have fullbacks who can be instrumental in attacks. Players like David Alaba and Hector Bellerin come to mind. Apart from this, use the following tips and tricks to destroy opposition when on the offensive.

FIFA 18 Scoring Tips and Tricks

Drag your Wide Forwards in, give them the Left Wing and the Right Wing roles and make your Full Backs become Full Wing Backs so that they can more easily assist you in attacks. The more defensive Central Midfielder of your team should stay back and be helpful while defending. Give him the instruction to stay back while attacking and make aggressive interceptions while keeping his position.

Use the other CM to get forward and assist your team with attacks in any way that he can. It is best if he stays on the edge of the box for crosses and has a free roam style of play. It is always better to have your Wing Backs overlap each other.

Use your CAM to always go forward and to get inside the box to be on the receiving end for crosses. It is best if this guy is tall and strong so he can rise above and head the ball into the goal. Keep all of your attackers forward in the instructions tab. The High-Pressure tactic works better than all others.

This is all that you will need for our FIFA 18 Scoring Guide. Let us know how it works out using the comments section below!

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