FIFA 18 Review: A Complete Package

After a few mundane entries, FIFA finally took a major leap forward last year with the addition of a story mode, new engine, and features. However, it was still not where it needed to be. Thankfully, FIFA 18 builds on the groundwork laid out by FIFA 17.

FIFA 18 stands on critical changes EA has made to the pitch and what goes on during the match. This drastically improves fluidity of player movement, dribbling as well as control on the ball. Developers are naming this the “Real Player Motion Technology.” The technology helps make everything aspect of the action on the pitch that much smoother.

While often big words from publishers mean nothing in the end, this one technology truly works for FIFA.  Developers of the game have done an amazing job here as far as gameplay mechanics go.

“Real Motion Technology” brings frame-by-frame animation movement thanks to detailed motion capture. Using subtle maneuvering to go past the defenders is fluid which makes a difference on the field.

This combined with FIFA 17’s player physics creates an authentic football experience in FIFA 18. FIFA has suffered from players being caught in animations that affect the flow of a match.

But FIFA 18 feels more natural and responsive. The major revamping of its dribbling mechanics compliments the tightening of controls. You can drag opponents into the corners before smoothly direction, leaving them behind by pulling the ball.

FIFA 18 is also a visually stunning game, its graphical presentation is something that you’ll find hard to ignore. There is depth to what they have done here. With every FIFA release, we saw advancements on the field, players, and stadiums that looked gorgeous. However, the crowd was another story. They still had that cardboard texture to them which bothered at least some part of the community.

Thankfully, things have changed this time around. FIFA 18 has unique crowd animations which means each fan would react and behave differently.  The crowd now chants based on the performance of their team and the flow of the game itself.

This allows us to be more creative with our moves. You will immediately notice the improved speed and agility when shifting from one player to the other.  While upgraded controls and visuals are very impressive, content is what really matters the most. As far as content goes, FIFA 18 brings The Journey 2.

The return of Alex Hunter marks the beginning of a new story with more on the line.  The Journey features more dynamic experiences spread through a much longer storyline this time around. You will travel the world for global football action. You will interact with different teams, players, new landscapes.

The story features interesting twists and turns that are enough to keep you engaged till the end. Your decisions now have a bigger impact on and off the field.

Finally, the Ultimate team, FIFA’s flagship mode that has gained unprecedented popularity across the globe. But there are little to no changes made to this mode. It is pretty much the same as last year. You create fantasy teams by getting packs of digital cards. Nothing has been changed apart from expanding the roster of legends and upgrading player attributes.

It is a little disappointing to see that FUT has remained the same as before with little to no changes. But what has changed is that players can now face off against custom teams offline created by other players. You can grab a decent amount of rewards by winning these games but trust me it won’t be easy. Players will spend most of their time playing online which remains the same cash grab, money hungry section.

But gameplay improvements allow players to score more goals even in FUT.

To sum it up, FIFA 18 is not a game that you would like to pass up on. Plenty of small issues have been fixed for a smoother overall presentation. The Journey mode is worth playing and adds more value to your FIFA experience. FUT is still worth spending time and money on besides there being no notable improvements. It’s a visually stunning game, from players to stadiums, and even the crowd is more lifelike.

EA has managed to construct the most authentic football game yet.



Major step forward

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