FIFA 18 Players Stuck On Updating EAS FC Catalogue, EA Is Investigating

FIFA 18 is a top selling game which everyone loves to play as it features the world-famous Ultimate Team mode, latest updates on players, teams and more. It’s so much fun unless you face a bug which keeps you stuck from accessing your favorite feature which just has happened.

Though, FIFA 18 received a FIFA World Cup 2018 update recently which made the game rise on top again by making everyone jump back to it and play with their favorite teams, recently FIFA players have been reporting an issue which EA Sports has acknowledged and is looking into.

Players are reporting that they are getting stuck on the update page thus not allowing them to access FIFA 18 EAS FC. This annoying issue made it out to EA who said on Twitter:

“I just got word that the Fifa 18 development team is aware of this, so they are investigating this.

Thanks for the info, this should be resolved soon.”

There’s not a time given by the developers about when the problem will be fixed but it’s confirmed that they are working on resolving the issue as it is one of the most known features of the game.

The FIFA 18 Catalogue is an important part of the game which functions as an in-game store where you can trade Football Club Credits. It’s also used to track experience.

All the other features in the game are working are fine and seems like this bug is only affecting EAS FC catalog.

Other than this bug, FIFA 18 is having a really good time as it has made it to the top of the UK charts again by leaving behind big games like God Of War and Detroit: Become Human.

2018 World Cup Russia update is also live in the game which brings all the qualified teams, stadiums, rankings and new content in the Ultimate Team.

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