FIFA 18 Passing Guide – How to Perfect Passing, Maintaining Possession, Passing Tips

The new FIFA 18 passing has been changed quite a bit from last year and it is quite more fluid and intuitive now than it was before. Still, you will need a little bit of help to understand how you can utilize the new features of the passing to its fullest potential. This FIFA 18 Passing Guide will give you numerous tips and tricks on how you can make the most of the possession and move the ball forward towards the goal.

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FIFA 18 Passing Guide

This FIFA 18 Passing Guide works best with the formation of our Scoring Guide. This was a 4-3-3 Attack with a few instructions given to specific players in the team! Read our FIFA 18 Scoring Guide attached above to find out the perfect formation which you can use for exciting, offensive gameplay.

FIFA 18 Passing Tips and Tricks

Always remember to plan ahead! You should always be aware of what you want to do with the ball before you receive it. Look out for viable options and great through balls which you can perform to surprise your opponents. Tempo is another thing which is very important in the new FIFA 18. Keep the frequency of passing extremely high and try to use the Driven Pass option which is done by R1/RB. The Driven Pass is a very fast low pass which can catch opponents off guard.

On a topic related to High Tempo, one-touch passing is one of the most useful techniques in FIFA games, this is true not only for FIFA 18 but also for previous versions of the game. The Through Balls in the new FIFA are more precise than they have ever been. Use the through ball as much as you can and send your fast wingers on a run.

This simple move can break apart even the best defenses in the game, so keep an eye out for any player in your team that might be making a run and use the Triangle, Y button to destroy your opponent. You can also send a curved through ball by pressing RB/R1 and then the through ball button. Double Tapping the Cross button sends a powerful Low Cross to the near post which you can head into the goal. Use this move when on the break.

Triple tapping the Cross Button sends a ground cross which can be great if there are no defenders blocking the trajectory of your cross. Flair Passing can be performed by pressing the LT/L2 button which does a Trick Pass and can be used to perform a surprise pass to your teammate which will catch your opponent off guard.

That is all we have for our FIFA 18 Passing Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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