FIFA 18 Long Shot Tutorial – How to Take, Tips

In this FIFA 18 Long Shot Tutorial, we have detailed some Tips and Tricks that will help you score Long Shots effectively.

In this FIFA 18 Long Shot Tutorial, we will guide you on how to master the Long Shot in FIFA 18. Long Shot is not that easy to master in FIFA 18 and it is also one of the most important shots that you will be using in FIFA 18. We have curated this FIFA 18 Long Shot Tutorial so we can teach you some tips and tricks that you must remember while playing FIFA 18 and you want to land a perfect Long Shot.

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FIFA 18 Long Shot Tutorial

FIFA 18 Long Shot Tutorial details everything you need to know about landing a perfect Long Shot in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Long Shot Tutorial – How to

There are multiple things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to shooting a Long Shot. First off is that you must always kick a Long Shot with the player’s strong foot. Some players have left strong foot while some have a right strong foot. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are shooting with the right foot. The next thing you need to know about are the Finesse modifier and the after shot modifier.

To perform a Long Shot, you need to press the shoot button and the Finesse Shot button at the same time. By default, this button is set at RB or R1. Press the Finesse button and then power up your shoot accordingly. For this shot, you will at least need three bars of power so keep on pressing the button until there are three power bars. This is not a very powerful shot but it mostly ensures a goal.

This power will mostly depend on how much far away you are from the goal. It can even go to three and a half bar or could be less than that too. So make sure you are adjusting your power according to the distance and the stadium conditions. You can use the L1 shot modifier to add a long-range chip in your shot.

You can also just simply shoot a power shot without using the modifiers but for landing such a shot successfully, you will be required to set the angle and power manually yourself. These will be less accurate but more satisfying. However, we recommend that you use the modifiers to make the goals certain.

Never overshoot and always aim for the farther pole to make the shot a bit easier to land inside the goal. Finesse modifier will help to avoid the pole while power shots will have no shot modifiers.

This concludes our FIFA 18 Long Shot Tutorial. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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