FIFA 18 Errors, Menu Not Loading, Crashes, DirectX Error, Freezing And Fixes

FIFA 18 has launched with critical acclaim, however, many PC users are facing errors and issues such as crashes, missing “.dll files” and more. All of these FIFA 18 errors and issues will be addressed here so players may enjoy the game without any problem.

FIFA 18 is available on PC through EA’s Origin client. While the game is facing some issues but, EA’s support is actively listening to players and is working on fixes. However, until these are officially resolved, you can refer to our own shortlisted issues being faced by users and their possible fixes.

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FIFA 18 Errors, Crashes And Fixes

FIFA 18 – Freezing
Freezing is one of the FIFA 18 errors that many players have encountered and EA itself has acknowledged the error is looking to work on the fix. There is a simple fix for that, just remove any non-essential USB device and this should resolve the issue.

However, if the above doesn;t work for you then you can try and delete the squads update settings. Just go to C:\Users\xxx\Documents\FIFA 18\settings and here you will find a file starting with “Squads2017”. Just delete the file and the issue should resolve.

Some players have encountered this error while launching the game. This error pops up because MSVCP140.DLL is missing or is not up to date. However, the solution to this problem is simple. Just install the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 which will automatically update the file or will put it in your system if it is missing.

If the issue still persists, then download the ‘.dll’ file manually and place it in the game files. However, this method is not recommended.

FIFA 18 – Menu Not Loading
Many players have reported that FIFA 18 menu is not loading and are unable to play the game. To fix this issue check if you have non-essential USB device attached to the system and remove it. While it is strange but, these USB devices are causing for FIFA 18 menu to not load and mostly players whose Guitar Hero Live USB is attached to the system are reporting it. Just remove the device and the issue will resolve.

FIFA 18 – Crashes
Among the FIFA 18 errors, players have reported that they are facing the crash issue in the game’s singleplayer campaign in Chapter 5 after the cutscene. This can be resolved through a small FIFA 18 update that might not have been installed.

Just go to your library in Origin, select FIFA 18 and click on Settings represented by “cog wheel” and select update game. The update will download and install the crash issue will resolve.

If the above fix doesn’t work then repair the game by selecting the same menu but, this time select Repair which will probably resolve the crash issue.

FIFA 18 – Stuck At Loading Screen
Many users are experiencing this issue and it seems that this issue is also linked to the non-essential USB devices connected to the system. Remove the devices and you should be able to play the game.

However, if the above fix doesn’t work then delete the squad update setting. Just navigate to C:\Users\xxx\Documents\FIFA 18\settings and here you will find a file starting with “Squads2017”. Just delete the file and the issue should resolve.

FIFA 18 – Low FPS/Stuttering/Bad Performance
This is one of the FIFA 18 errors that many PC users have faced. This issue might be related to your GPU drivers which might be incompatible with the game. Update your GPU drivers to the latest version and the issue should resolve.

Another cause of the low FPS or bad performance might be due to the game not using your External GPU and is running on your integrated graphics card. Make sure your system is using the external GPU to fix this issue.

FIFA 18 – DirextX Error
Some FIFA 18 players have encountered this issues which is not letting them play them. While there is no fix for it but, there is a workaround. Just run the game in Windowed Mode and make sure to select DirectX 11 from the menu always as your GPU might not be working properly with DirectX 12. If the issue still persists then you can try updating the DirectX.

If you are facing any other FIFA 18 errors not listed here or have a better solution to an error, let us know in the comments!

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