FIFA 18 Dribbling Guide – How to Master Dribbling, Dribbling Tips, Maintain Possession

In this FIFA 18 Dribbling Guide, we will guide you on how to dribble successfully in FIFA 18. Dribbling is a vital element in FIFA 18 and it will help you get out of tricky situations during matches.

We have curated this FIFA 18 Dribbling Guide for you so that you can easily master the art of dribbling and get out of tight situations with the ball and score. We also have shared some tips and tricks on becoming a great dribbler in this FIFA 18 Dribbling Guide.

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FIFA 18 Dribbling Guide

FIFA 18 Dribbling Guide details everything that you need to know about Dribbling in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Dribbling

FIFA 18 Dribbling – How To

Dribbling is one of the advanced techniques that you perform during tight situations in FIFA 18. When you perform dribbling, your main goal is to maintain the position of the ball and successfully get out of a tight situation when opposition players are blocking your player. There are a number of types of dribbling that you perform.

To initiate a dribbling maneuver, you need to press L1 or LB button on your respective controller and then push the left joystick in any direction to initiate a specific type of dribble that you want to perform.

To perform a basic dribble, press L1 or LB on your controller and then push the left stick slightly to the left or right. This will cause your player to initiate a zigzag movement, which will confuse the defender, and you will escape with the ball from the situation.

This is very effective because the ball will be very close to your player. Almost any player can easily pull this move off even if his dribbling stats are not too high. This is possible when you are facing the defender and you want to get past him with the ball still in your possession. It also helps you buy some time if you want other players to come to your help.

Another variation of this dribble is that you want to shield the ball and quickly change the direction to get in a shooting position. This is most effective when you are right in front of the goal.

To perform this, press LB or L1 and move the left joystick in the form of a semi-circle towards the back of the player. This is excellent for shielding the ball and getting ready for a finesse shot.

This concludes our FIFA 18 Dribbling Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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